May 23, 2024

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The train derailed and set fire to an area passing through the Mapuche conflict in Chile

A freight train The track was eroded and then burned by strangers In a southern area Chile Called La Araucania. The area is currently in a state of exclusion and militarization due to the conflict and conflict with the tribal Mappuchi, on the orders of the government.

Sebastian Laura told local reporters that a group of unidentified men “set fire” as some wagons derailed near the city of Victoria (616 km south of Santiago). Chile Intelligence Police (Civil)

The incident took place in an area with difficult access, which complicated the arrival of firefighters and police officers. The Authorities began an investigation Find teachers.

President Sebastian Pinera last October 12 ordered the exclusion and militarization of three provinces in southern Chile due to the Mapuche conflict. Photo: A.P.

“This is an attack on human life because it could have been against a passenger train running between Temuco and Victoria,” said Víctor Manoli, the president’s representative in La Aragonia.

A historical conflict

The area is inhabited by a Historical conflict between the Mapuche people, the largest Chilean ethnic group, And the state where the tribal people consider the rights of their ancestors and demand lands handed over to the private sector, mainly forestry companies and landowners.

The unresolved conflict has led to an increase in violent arson attacks on private property and trucks over the past decade. It brought to light the existence of drug trafficking and defense organizations, as well as police operations allegedly mounted to indict tribal people.

Chancellor Sebastian Pinera made the order on October 12 last Exception and militarization status for 15 days From the three provinces in the region, it lasted for another 15 days until November 11th.

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This Tuesday he announced that he was asking Congress for a new extension, which should be approved.

Pinara promised “fire attacks” from the start of the emergency Reduced by almost half And occupations of property have been reduced by one-tenth.

Source: AFP