June 6, 2023

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Through audio between a soldier and his wife, they denounce that Russian troops are hungry and no longer trust Vladimir Putin.

In the middle Conflict of war It has been unleashed in Europe for more than six weeks Ministry of Defense From Ukraine Spread a conversation he says in between Russian soldier And his wife, in which the man rebukes Russian troops are hungry and depressed.

Throughout the audio released by the ministry’s primary intelligence directorate, the military member complained of malnutrition. “We have nothing to eat” Man laments when rebuked Spoilage of canned foods, As deserves “Inedible”.

On the other hand, the soldier also questions his commanders and their orders and the course of the war. “I said from day one, it doesn’t lead to good …” The deserving man calls Vladimir Putin a “free president”, after which his wife responds: “The plan did not work.”

At the end of the reconstructed talk by the Ukrainian authorities, the man expresses his desire to his partner. “Retire” Y Retired from the Army.

Ukraine, meanwhile, is “ready” to negotiate with Russia, although talks have stalled since its discovery. Atrocities in several cities near kyiv After the withdrawal of troops from MoscowUkrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said on Saturday.

He said Ukraine was always ready for talks and was looking for opportunities Stop the war. At the same time, unfortunately, we see major products, some decisive, fighting in the East, “Zhelensky said.

“We are ready to fight and search in parallel Diplomatic Paths We must stop this war. For now, we are considering holding a parallel dialogue, ”he promised at a news conference with Austrian Foreign Minister Carl Nehmar in Ukraine. The latest face-to-face talks between the Russians and the Ukrainians took place on March 29 in Istanbul.

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In them, Ukraine outlined its key proposals with the intent of an agreement with Moscow, mainly “neutral” in exchange for an international agreement guaranteeing its security. “In the east and south, we see concentrations of weapons, equipment and troops preparing to occupy another part of our territory,” Zhelensky concluded.