February 23, 2024

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TJ Holmes admits he 'came out' after Amy Robach controversy

TJ Holmes admits he 'came out' after Amy Robach controversy

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach have different ways of dealing with conflict.

Holmes (46 years old) admitted to the incident The latest episode of the couple's “Amy & TJ” podcast That he needed to remove himself and think things through for a while after their arguments, which the ousted “GMA3” hosts referred to as “hiccups.”

“I'm really really bad about this. I'm not yelling, I'm not yelling, I'm not doing anything. I'm not name calling, I'm not being aggressive, nothing — but I'll check it out,” he explained.

“You don't need to say, 'I'm sorry.'” I don't need you to help me. I have to work on that, and try to get better at doing it faster.

But according to Holmes, Robach, 50, isn't apologizing fast enough.

“I would rather have him yell at me than freeze me for two days,” Robach said in response. Instagram/@amyandtjpodcast

“It's driving me crazy. Why? Because 'I'm sorry' comes 24 hours too late,” he said. “Your reaction in that moment is what makes the difference in the world, because in that moment, we have a chance to go in this direction or that direction.” . And if I go that way, I'll be out. i'm done. …I'm out for the day.

For her part, Robach doesn't like how long it takes Holmes to reach a resolution after a disagreement.

“It's at least two days,” she said. “I would rather have him yell at me than freeze me for two days. …I don't know what to say, what to do, what he's thinking.

But according to Holmes, Robach isn't apologizing fast enough. Instagram/@amyandtjpodcast

The pals-turned-first-time lovers launched their own podcast earlier this month, just over a year after their alleged relationship was revealed.

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The duo began their first episode by denying that the couple had cheated on each other.

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“To be clear, we were exposed as having an affair, but everyone thought we were exposed as adulterers – we were exposed as cheating on our spouses – and that was not the case,” Holmes insisted at the time.

When their dalliance made headlines, he was still married to Marilee Fiebig, while Robach was still married to Andrew Shaw.

The couple referred to their differences as “hiccups.” Instagram/@amyandtjpodcast

Robach and Shue settled their separation in March, and Holmes' divorce from Fiebig was finalized in October.

On the same day that “Amy & TJ” premiered, Page Six broke the news that Shue and Fiebig had been dating for six months.

As for Holmes and Robach, they spent the Christmas holiday separately to be with their children.

The alleged affair was revealed to co-anchors of “GMA3” in November 2022. Getty Images

The couple recently admitted that they have “difficult” but “evolving” relationships with each other's children.

Holmes co-parents his daughter Sabine with Vibig and shares two children with his first wife, Amy Verson.

Meanwhile, Robach is a mother to daughters Ava and Annalize, whom she welcomed with her first husband, Tim McIntosh.