December 8, 2023

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Today’s Anniversary: ​​Occurred on October 1 | Events in Argentina and around the world

Today’s Anniversary: ​​Occurred on October 1 |  Events in Argentina and around the world

In Anniversary of October 1st These events that happened on a day like today in Argentina and around the world stand out:

1892. Emilio Pettoruti is born

Born in La Plata Emilio PetorutiOne of the major Argentine painters. Famous for its harlequinsDied in Paris in 1971.

1903. Birth of Vladimir Horowitz

A pianist is born Vladimir Horowitz, one of the best of the 20th century. He lived to be 86 years old and is recognized as one of the greatest of romantic talents. He left the Soviet Union in 1925 He returned for a historic recital in Moscow in 1986, three years before his death.

1924. Jimmy Carter is born

Born in Plains, Georgia Jimmy CarterPresident of the United States between 1977 and 1981. He isolated the Argentine military with his preaching of human rights By 1980, he was defeated by Ronald Reagan, whose image had deteriorated due to the diplomatic hostage crisis in Iran and the economic situation, with high inflation. During his presidency Panama signed an agreement to regain control of the maritime canal, and a peace agreement was reached between Israel and Egypt. An international observer, he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.

1946. Convictions at Nuremberg

culminates The Nuremberg Trials To the leaders of Nazism. The judges send Joachim von Ribbentrop, Alfred Rosenberg, Ernst Kaldenbrunner and Wilhelm Keitel to the gallows along with other Hitler collaborators.. Hermann Goering commits suicide in his cell before going to the scaffold. Albert Speer, former Minister of Armaments, receives 20 years in prison; Rudolf Hess was sentenced to life in prison.

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1949. People’s Republic of China

The Kuomintang loses its positions in the civil war Against the Communists, their leader, Chiang Kai-shek, sought refuge in Taiwan, the last stronghold of the Nationalists. Because of this, Mao Zedong declares Communist victory and the formal birth of the People’s Republic of China.

1975. Franco’s Last Speech

Francisco Franco Finally speaking in public. The rest of the world is decrying the execution of five political prisoners by Spain’s dictator, in an event in Madrid called for in support of the regime. He will die after fifty days. On the same day, in the Spanish capital, four police officers were killed by a small organization: the Anti-Fascist Resistance Groups of October (GRAPO).

2012. Eric Hobsbawm passed away

British historian dies at 95 Eric Hobsbawm. He rose to fame with the trilogy they created The era of revolution, The Age of Capital And The Age of Empire; And with him 20th Century HistoryHe posits a “short” 20th century defined by 1914 (the start of World War I) and 1989 (the fall of the Berlin Wall). He was a communist militant and wrote about jazz.

2012. Goodbye to Octavio Gatineau

Film director Octavio Gatineau has died at the age of 77. He was born in 1935 in the Spanish city of Leon. He was a member of the Cine Liberacean group and co-directed Symbol with Pino Solanas. Time of the ovens. Later, the two danced Peron, The Judicial Revolution And Perón: A Political and Theoretical Update on the Seizure of Power, based on interviews with the exiled leader in Spain. After the return of democracy in 1973, He was appointed auditor of the Film Rating Institute. He was screened in 1975 Knower. He had to go into exile when the military dictatorship came. He was in charge of the National Film Institute He published several books between 1989 and 1990.

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2017. Secessionist Referendum in Catalonia

A controversial independence referendum was held in Catalonia Although rejected by President Mariano Rajoy and the Spanish justice system, the regional government invited. 2.2 million people voted (43 percent of the electorate), and 90 percent voted yes.. With this decision, the president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, declared independence, and moments later said it was suspended pending negotiations with Madrid. Rajoy reacted with the application of Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution and the Catalan government intervened.. Puigdemont fled to Belgium and other organizers of the referendum were tried and convicted, then pardoned. The sovereignty crisis still lingers.

2018. Charles Aznavour dies

In the French town of Mouries dies Charles Aznavour. He was 94. Born in Paris in 1924, his maiden name was Shahnur Varinak Aznavourian Baghdasarian, and He comes from a family of Armenian descent, that is why between 1915 and 1923 he involved himself in the struggle to expose the genocide committed by the Turks. One of France’s greatest artists, he remained active until a few days before his death. Outside of his extensive discography, Being a film actor, he shined as a hero Shoot the pianist By Truffaut.

Also, this International Gaucher Disease DayHe International Coffee Day, He World Vegetarian Day; and in Argentina Day of the Sea and Fisheries.