June 4, 2023

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Today’s dollar, today’s blue dollar: How much is trading this Friday, March 31

According to experts, the Imports This year they present a tough prediction based on the subtle situation Central bank reservesThe Lack of restoration In Exchange Rate and Forecasts Decline in exports.

In FebruaryAccording to the consultant Alphabetical order, fell by 10.4 percent against the same period last year, explained “entirely and exclusively” by lower imported volumes (-11.6 percent year-on-year), as prices increased by 1.1 percent. In this context, import Fuels and Lubricants It was the worst-affected item, down 29.6 percent year-on-year.

He Board of International Monetary Fund will meet this Friday to discuss easing the deal with Argentina, demand of the government in the environment where agriculture is affected by drought and hence foreign exchange is available. After meetings held by the Economy Minister this week Sergio Massa With the executives of the credit agency, approval is expected to issue 5,300 million, of which 2,700 million will go directly to pay the next due date provided in the contract. Following today’s meeting, the IMF Official statement It is expected to make the central bank’s reserve accumulation targets more flexible taking into account the national environment.

The International Monetary Fund will make reserve accumulation targets for Argentina more flexible this Friday (AP Photo/Andrew Hornick)

Automotive entrepreneur He was a guest on LN+, where he questioned the government’s mandate to incentivize debt in dollars. National Social Security Administration Sustainability Guarantee Fund (Ansses), which holds various types of financial assets and is part of the Argentine Consolidated Pension System. “When they take the dollars, they’re going to tell you they’re giving you a better deal. But they persecute them. It’s unbelievable that people have continued to vote for a group that is trying so hard for them every day,” he said last Sunday.

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Cristiano Ratazzi: “It’s incredible that people continue to vote for a group of people who work hard every day”

He Dollar calculated with devaluation, A channel commonly used to send foreign currency to a bank account outside Argentina closed yesterday’s session with a rise above the $400 barrier again. Your last quote $402.79, $7 more than yesterday’s close, and other so-called free dollars MEP Raised $5 and had $391.82.

The fiscal dollar, currency devaluation and the MEP dollar rose on Thursday Pixabe


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