June 1, 2023

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Today’s dollar, today’s blue dollar: How much is trading this Thursday, March 30

There are many options available in our country American currency Directly and indirectly through banks, stock market and sites exchange. From this note Nation Considering the variations of , you can consult the different current alternatives to dollarize Price.

Yesterday he Central Bank (BCRA) It brought another 95 million US dollars to the market Reservations. In this way, it has sacrificed around US$1,730 million so far this month, which has risen to US$2,821 million in annual figures.

In that sense, it is Bad registered balance For the same beginning of the year in the so-called history Free and Single Exchange Market (MULC). This result is, in part, due to vulnerability Drought In terms of agricultural production and exports, it has been a period Personal need for foreign exchange Record repression like never before.

What is a Savings Dollar?Karolina Grabowska / Pexels

Also known as “Solid”, a currency received by those buying the official for savings or tourism. To know its price, official dollar The retailer must add 30 percent Country tax And another 35 percent on account of income and personal assets. Only a few can agree to buy dollars at this price, and only then $200 Monthly.

The government recently issued two Demand and Urgency Orders (DNU). Agonize over debt of public bodies, a decision taken by the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massawith the aim of reducing The gap between the blue dollar and the fund. This act obligates public institutions National Social Security Administration (Answers), to replace them Dollar bonds For titles denominated in pesos, for amounts exceeding 4000 million Dollars. The first order explains the general structure and the second describes the operation.

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ethereum (ETH) Quote today, March 30, US$1,801.66. This is the second one Cryptoactive (Digital currency) higher market capitalization and one Blockchain Very used DeFi (Distributed Fund) and NFTs (Digital assets that are unique and irreplaceable are increasingly used for digital works of art).

After touching $397 this Tuesday (its value Register), He The dollar is blue It fell four paise to close at $393 in yesterday’s trading session.

Last Sunday, Businessman Cristiano Rattasi He was a guest on LN+, where he questioned the government’s mandate to incentivize debt in dollars. National Social Security Administration’s Sustainability Guarantee Fund (Reviews), which holds various types of financial assets and is part of the Argentine Consolidated Pension System. “When they take the dollars, they’re going to say they’re giving you a better deal. But they persecute them. “It’s incredible that people have continued to vote for a group that is trying so hard for them every day,” he said.

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Cristiano Ratazzi: “It’s incredible that people continue to vote for a group of people who work hard every day”

He retail dollarControlled by Central Bank (BCRA)Increased and settled at $207 for buys and $215 for sells.