February 29, 2024

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Today’s Ephemeris: Occurred on December 1 | Events in Argentina and around the world

Today’s Ephemeris: Occurred on December 1 |  Events in Argentina and around the world

In Ephemeris of December 1 These events that happened on a day like today in Argentina and around the world stand out:

1913. Buenos Aires tunnel opens

Subway Line A begins operation. It is the oldest in Latin America and the entire Southern Hemisphere. The work took two years. The initial route connected the Plaza de Mayo to the Plaza Miserare. The following year it was extended to Primera Junta.

1935. Woody Allen is born

Alan Stewart Koenigsberg was born in New York. It is none other than that Woody Allen, one of America’s most prolific filmmakers, working at the rate of nearly one film a year since the late 1960s. His consecration followed Annie Hall, for which he won Oscars as director and screenwriter. Lines Hannah and her sisters Y Midnight in Paris The other two idols are worth it. Other titles in his portfolio include: Bananas, Interiors, Manhattan, Jelik, Purple Rose of Cairo, Crimes and Sins, husband wife Y Match point.

1955. The bus boycott

In Montgomery, Alabama, A small incident occurs that seems insignificant, but its consequences change America forever. Rosa Parks, a woman of color boarded the bus and did not sit in the back seats, reserved for blacks. The driver scolds her: she refuses to move, is arrested and fined. A Baptist pastor organized a bus boycott. Economic Consequences End segregation in public transport in the city. The pastor’s name was Martin Luther King. This was the beginning of the civil rights movement..

1986. Alibio Paletti dies

Journalist’s death Alibio Paletti, at the age of 50. He founded the magazine The Independent, in La Rioja, in 1959, which later operated as a cooperative. He was exiled in Spain after the 1976 coup, and he was unable to regain his job at the newspaper in the democracy. Forgery of signatures on waivers. He denounced the crimes of dictatorship And joined the newspaper program the voice. Worked with the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo And in the book he elaborates on the repressive measures of each force Like the Nazis, like VietnamPublished after his death.

1987. James Baldwin passed away

The writer dies at the age of 63 James Baldwin. A literary reference to civil rights from his autobiographical novel Go to the mountain and tellSince 1953 Giovanni’s room Y Peel Street Blues Y in my head. In addition, he wrote essays, poems and plays.

1988. The Rise of Villa Martelli

The Third Garabindada Uprising begins with its epicenter at Arsenal’s Battalion 601 at Villa Martelli., on whose property Technopolis operates today. It was more intense than Holy Week and Monte Caseros, because of the number of rebels: about a thousand officers, and because there was war, unlike the war of nerves on previous occasions. In addition, the rebels were joined by the prefecture’s troops. The coup replaced Alto Rico with a new leader: a hitherto unknown colonel Muhammad Ali Seeneldin, military attaché in Panama. The latter, a rabid Catholic nationalist, rose upon learning that he could not be promoted to general and asked for the head of the army, Dante Garidi. At the beginning of the crisis President Raúl Alfonsín took over from his Mexican counterpart, which was resolved on December 5: Seineldin surrendered and Garidi fell, replaced by Francisco Cassino. In between, clashes took place in which three people died and more than forty were injured.

1994. Vélez Intercontinental Conquest

Vélez is with the Intercontinental Cup. Carlos Bianchi’s side beat Milan 2-0 to win the Club World Cup in Tokyo. Roberto Trotta and Umar Azad also scored from the penalty spot.

2001. Cavallo imposes “Coralito”.

Minister of Economy, Domingo Cavallo announces restrictions on receiving money in banks. You can only withdraw up to 250 pesos per week for 90 days. The move was a serious resort after several days of massive outflows of deposits. A drowning chamber trying to save a dying convert is christened “Coralito”.. Popular Discontent Rises: This is the start of the countdown to the events that will end Fernando de la Rua’s government.

2002. Independiente’s last local title

Independiente beat San Lorenzo 3-0 In the new gasometer and The champion of the Apertura 2002 was consecrated. To date, this is the last AFA match for Avellaneda It marks the biggest drought in Argentina headlines in its entire history. Ruben Gallego’s Américo are three points ahead of Boca Crowned by an extravagant and attacking game.

2013. Goodbye to Alejandro Urdapilleta

At the age of 59 Death of Alejandro Urdapilleta, one of the most talented actors of his generation. He was born in Uruguay. He acted in television and theater with Antonio Casalla Mein Kemp, a travesty, which won him public and critical acclaim. In the cinema, he was seen in other films A sleepwalker Y holy woman.

2018. G20 in Argentina

The G20 summit concludes in Buenos Aires. The capital is virtually militarized to receive world leaders. Mauricio Macri welcomed Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron for a two-day meeting on November 30. Macrismo’s spying during that summit and WTO spying in 2017 will be investigated later..

2019. First case of coronavirus in Wuhan

The first case of coronavirus has been recorded in WuhanAccording to Chinese scientists revealed in the journal The Lancet. According to the work, the person had no contact with the market where the origin of the infection was indicated.

Except, that’s it World AIDS Day.

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