May 23, 2024

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Two 12-year-old Argentinian twins fall from third floor in Barcelona, ​​one dead | In a building in Saland

Two 12-year-old Argentinian twins fall from third floor in Barcelona, ​​one dead |  In a building in Saland

Two 12-year-old Argentinian twins He fell from the third floor of the building barcelona, Spain. One of them Died instantlywhile the other Hospital in critical condition. The Catalan police are investigating whether it was an accidental fall or whether the juvenile jumped voluntarily.

Emergency services were alerted yesterday afternoon that two minors were in possession Fell from the balcony of a building located in Cal Estacio in the town of Salente. When they arrived, one of the girls was without vital symptoms, while the other minor was stabilized and shifted to the hospital. Bach Dali Hospital in Sabadell.

Family of minors Argentinian descent And he has lived in that city for more than two years, after previously living in other cities in Catalonia.

According to EFE news agency, the Mossos d’Esquadra – Catalan Police – found Two cards It will be written by the twins inside the family home, which are under investigation to clarify the causes of the event, however, according to the first indications, criminal action will be ruled out. Besides, Two chairs were found on the balcony The sisters fell from it.

Also, there was speculation about the original hypothesis Minors suffer from certain types of harm Bullying One Bullying at school They attended, in the last few hours Rejected By the Department of Education of Catalonia.

A local newspaper reported Region 7Juvenile They received help from psychologists at the institution they studied, but the center did not detect any problems related to bullying. The Catalan government agency was unable to provide further details on the matter, as the investigation remains confidential and judicial.

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On hearing the news, the Salant City Council decreed Three days of mourning were observed and all scheduled public activities stopped. Your Mayor, Oriol Ribalta, supported the family, the twins’ schoolmates and experts from the education center to ensure that all protocols were implemented. “This is a shocking and painful event for the entire population,” the official said.

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