May 23, 2024

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Two employees were trapped in a tank of chocolates at a Mars factory in the United States

Two employees were trapped in a tank of chocolates at a Mars factory in the United States
Sneakers and Mars chocolates

U.S. officials are investigating a bizarre case in which two workers were trapped inside a tank full of chocolates on Thursday. At the Mars Rigley factory in Pennsylvania.

Emergency workers were called Thursday afternoon to a factory in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania, about 9 miles from the chocolate capital of Hershey. Said Brad Wolf, communications supervisor for the Lancaster County 911 Dispatch. CNN That Firefighters “had to cut a hole in the side of the tank to get them out.”

He said the workers, who were not publicly identified, were airlifted to the hospital by helicopter CNN Nick Schoenberger, Assistant Dispatch Center Supervisor.

A spokesman for Mars Wrigley, which makes M&M, Snickers and other confectionery, confirmed this in a statement on Friday. Washington Post Workers were taken out for evaluation. “We are very grateful for the prompt work of the paramedics“, he said.

However, the company did not provide additional information and did not know the health of the employees.

Lenny Fortson, a spokeswoman for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which is investigating the case, said: Workers were trapped while doing maintenance work inside a tank full of chocolates.It is not yet clear how the workers got stuck in the pot and how much chocolate was in it at the time.. PennLive reports that the senders believe the chocolate is at waist height. The senders believed it was dry chocolate Today Of NBC.

The workers were hired by IK Stoltzfus Service Corp., an industrial painting, cleaning and tank repair company, Fortson said. When asked about the incident and the medical condition of the staff, IK Stoltzfus Service Corp. A woman who answered the phone on asked Mars Wrigley questions and declined to comment. Mars Wrigley did not provide further details.

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OSHA said it has six months to complete its investigation and release its findings. Authorities are expected to release more information on the case in the coming days. The company is also expected to provide details about the health of its employees to find out if it was negligent and if their condition is worse.

Recently, OrA 39-year-old worker has died after falling into a cast iron tank at 1,430 degrees Celsius.Half of his body lay on the floor.

Steven Dierkes, Peoria, Illinois (United States) He was working on a cross when he died instantly. According to Jamie Harwood of Peoria County Coroner.

Harwood said the events surrounding Dierkes’ death were accidental and no crime was suspected at this time.

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