April 14, 2024

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Two young men describe their terrifying experience when they visited the Vatican: “We thought we were going to die”

Two young men describe their terrifying experience when they visited the Vatican: “We thought we were going to die”

Planning your vacation is one of the most rewarding moments for a tourist. There are places in the world that are considered unavoidable when choosing what to see. With this parameter, The two young Spanish women did not hesitate Visit the Vatican during your walking tour of Rome. Specifically, they chose to go St. Peter’s BasilicaAs it is designated as a place of faith, getting to know the interior of the iconic construction allows for a historical journey loaded with symbols for the religious institution. Saint Peter was killed and buried. But it turned out to be a cultural tour A terrifying experienceDialogue according to the hero’s own story Nation.

“What a beautiful dome, so beautiful. But they say there is more.begins the story of Ariadne In a video It went viral on TikTok. The young woman joked for a moment that she lived inside the iconic basilica she toured with a friend. The walk through the interior of the place started very well Admire the art and history-rich installations on its wallsAfter paying an amount, they approached by lift 10 euros per service.

This is a site that many people want to know (Photo Unsplash).

Before leaving, they met A guide told them that the tour was on. “The elevator guy told us he had to get down in another elevator, and in addition, We still had a lot to see“, Came to know Ariadne In conversation with Nation. But friends don’t know that They will face a terrible situation It leads to the dome of San Pedro, designed by Michelangelo and completed in 1590.

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“We started climbing and honestly I don’t know how long it was going to be, but within ten minutes it wasn’t. They were very narrow and small stairs with no railings and no windows, when you find one, they are very small. Further, It was dark all over and very hot”, he narrates, recalling that the lack of wind was a negative factor, making the journey even more terrifying. They thought they would “never get out alive”. Because of their constant fear of fainting.

Two tourists have had a major scare at the Vatican

“Many times we had to stop, even though there wasn’t much space, because We fainted and we had no air. The worst thing was that you couldn’t go down where you were going up, and the only way was to go up to see the stairs going down, which was like going up,” explains the young woman. An inside tour of the site. After these moments of despair and fear, They reached the highest point with a view of the Vatican. It was there that they found an exit through the stairs, narrow, but it led them to quickly leave the place.

Corridors to reach the magnificent destination on high were built at low intervals as shown by the young women. There, a person enters the dimensions more tightly, so the cycle is more difficult.

Tourists toured the place in fear of leaving alive
Tourists toured the place in fear of leaving alive

Young tourists did not know what the inside of the symbol looked like, so surprises occupied them at every step. “You feel a lot of pain and uncertainty, you don’t know when the stairs end or where they lead you.. There were no signs, I don’t think there were any emergency exits or support staff if you needed help”, he said, describing the experience as “horrendous”. That I will never do again.

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The video shared by the teenager on Tik Tok quickly went viral, and hundreds of people joined this bad experience as they also visited the site. “I also went up the stairs to the dome. Some areas are very narrow. Oxygen is reduced to 50%. An achievement to reach the end and feel the fresh air,” recalled one user. Another noted: “Worst experience of my life. Gave me a panic attack Full, crying and unable to move forward and pressing people. Honestly, I thought I was going to die.” A young woman reported receiving a surprise there that she couldn’t coordinate because of her health: “After living through everything and coming up without air, My boyfriend asked me to marry him. I didn’t find out until five minutes later, because I got my breath back.”.