February 3, 2023

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Behind the door: The discovery of a house hidden in its garden for more than 70 years

A house located in England Stands out for a particular detail It has high historical value. Beyond its amenities, a construction of more than 70 years gives it a unique touch and enhances its value. Where is it located and what interest does this 1930’s property have?

In particular, the The house is located in Carmarthenshire, Wales and is worth £320,000This translates a bit too much 49,500,000 pesos. It has four bedrooms distributed over two floors of the house, as well as a garden at the front and another at the back.

A view of the back garden of the house where the bunker is locatedCourtesy of The Sun

Before reaching the living room there is a dressing room and bathroom, as well as a dining room with a fireplace and a family-sized kitchen. The living room is located inside a mini lookout tower which faces the front of the property and gives it a very unique and striking look. however, The highlight of the house is the rear garden.

The most remarkable thing about the house is that it exists A bunker built during World War IICollected as the sun. This was very common in the area at the time due to the possibility of the area being bombed. For those reasons, It is not unusual to see bomb camps In gardens of houses.

A front view of the house conceals an astonishing historical interest
A front view of the house conceals an astonishing historical interestCourtesy of The Sun

However, over time most owners removed them or relocated them. Because of that, Yet there are certain characteristics that keep them intact. This historical issue undoubtedly presents a difference that attracts attention.

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In addition to this, The bunker is located in continuation of the garage and does not affect any part of the garden. Therefore, when viewed from the outside, it is hidden in the construction and does not clash with the appearance of the house.

The interior of a bunker in a British house
The interior of a bunker in a British houseCourtesy of The Sun

Although the original use of the space logically made no sense, the air raid shelter was no longer in use, Can be used for different purposes. As the first idea that arises, it can be used as a storage space, to store any material or machine, for which it does not have to occupy space inside the house.

However, the possibilities are high and the decision depends on the creativity of the person who gets the property. With proper conditioning, This space offers the opportunity to become an office or small gym Make good use of available space.

Beyond this interest, Having two gardens is a great possibility Heat wave It shook Britain and much of Europe. With record-breaking temperatures these days, experts warned of unprepared constructions and the possibility of a repeat of such scenarios in the coming years.