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| November 16, 2018

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Veg Fest – Coming to Brighton March 24th-25th

Veg Fest – Coming to Brighton March 24th-25th
Peggy Bain
  • On March 12, 2018

The Veg Fest returns to the Brighton Centre this March 24th for a two day celebration of all that is veggie. This festival showcases all kinds of exciting and innovative vegetarian cuisine, and in its tenth year it will promote more vegan foods than ever before.

This year the festival’s participants will include the Bad Boy Vegan Kitchen, Herbivorous, Loving Hut Express, Pig Out, One Planet Pizza and Mac’N. There will also be a selection of nutritious smoothies and juices to try, from De Fruit Bar, Damage Limitation and City Juice, to name just a few.

There will be a ‘veganuary party’, (with veganuary participants, staff and ambassadors), and a foodie competition called the FvEctive Factor on Sunday that will see talented vegan musicians facing off against each other. The festival will also show a selection of brilliant, vegan stand-up comics, and there will be various informative talks going on over the weekend.

The organisers also encourage you to look out for the Cookery Demos, the Mature Zone and the Kids Area.

Interest in Veganism has sky rocketed in the last few years, with the selection of vegan foods increasing dramatically and shopping online making these so accessible. Vegfest UK have enjoyed rising popularity as Veganism becomes increasingly ‘normal’ and achievable.

As usual the vegfest will see a huge melange of food stalls packed with the most delectable vegetarian products out there, plus a whopping 19 caterers serving fresh hot and cold food at the show. The programme features countless special offers, and great deals on all the delicious edibles at the festival.

You can read the full programme here. 

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