November 30, 2022

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Venezuelan plane: Pilot charged with suspected terrorism, rest of crew to be investigated

Gholamreza Ghasemi

Federal prosecutor Cecilia Incardona has been asked to investigate the relationship of the pilot of the Emdrasur plane. Kolamresa Kasemi, With possible terrorist acts. He also blamed other crew on the flight that took place in EssexWas able to learn Infobe From judicial sources.

“With the progress of the investigation carried out here, in accordance with the obligations of the State of Argentina, a number of clues have been uncovered which would necessitate the continuation of the investigation into Kasemi Kolamresa and all his entourage, the aircraft and its cargo. To prevent and punish acts of terrorism.”The lawyer’s opinion says.

He adds: “Such irregularities lead to inquiries as to whether the real purpose of the aircraft’s arrival in our country was to carry cargo of auto parts, or to establish that it was established for alleged and other reasons.

After receiving the FBI report This confirms the direct connection between the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Division, which specializes in intelligence operations, the Goods forces and Hezbollah, the pilot of the Emtrasur aircraft Kolamresa Kasemi.Judge Federico Villena over the weekend held a hearing to “define the object of the proceedings.”

The prosecutor had already promoted the trial last Monday, but there was no conclusive evidence against the panel at the time.

Although the lawyer underestimated the FBI report, he said in his request that the company confirm that Casimi is the CEO and board member of Keshm Force Air.

Attorney Incordona asked that the ownership of the Emtrasur aircraft be reliably proven and that Great Air check to see if it still has anything to do with it. “Mahan Air is considered to be a company that collaborates with terrorist organizations in its flagship country, and Kolamresa Casemi is the CEO and pilot of Oshm Force Air affiliated with Mahan Air, which continues to command the aforementioned aircraft to this day,” the prosecutor stressed in his request. .

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“In addition to the intent of the FBI report already outlined, OFAC (EO 13224) in October 2011 authorized Mahan Air to provide financial, material or technical support to the IRGC-QF and to carry weapons and personnel for Hezbollah. This permission is not technically intelligence information but Verifiable data, “he added.

In one week, Judge Villana ordered about 60 witnesses and filed a total of eight bodies. Many of them have not yet come to court. The magistrate is waiting with anticipation Confirmed report on phones and tablets seized from the group. Preliminary reports so far have not produced conclusive evidence for the file. A study of the plane’s two “black boxes” is also pending.

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