November 27, 2022

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Russia poses a serious threat to the Baltic region

This is to further complicate the risks that are not so far away now War in Ukraine Degenerate A nuclear conflictLook at a map. To the left of Ukraine begins the eastern part of the vast territory facing Russia with NATO in Eastern Europe, along with Belarus and Russia. There are three Baltic states. Lithuania, Estonia and Estonia. They are small, with a total population of six million, covering 170,000 square kilometers.

In 1940 The Soviet Union Occupied them Only when the Soviet Union entered crisis in 1992 until it disappeared from the map All three regained their independence.

When Vladimir Putin The world was shocked by the invasion of Ukraine, at the end of last February, the Lithuanian president prophesied: “Ukraine is not the only Russian target”. This seemed like an outrage to some because of the Baltic states Is part of NATO And the 3rd Division of the Coalition establishes that an attack on one of its members would automatically lead the other 29 to war.

As far as Russia and the United States are concerned, the risk of conflict is high End of World War III.

It was assumed that the Russians wanted to retake the Baltic states An unimportant wine dream Because I could not explode because some people were calling Conflict at the end of the world.

Project in Duma

However, this week in the Russian parliament, DumaDelegates will handle the initiatives they decide To eliminate The end of the former Soviet Union Give freedom To Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

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These parliamentary programs are said to be the independence granted by the Soviet Union It is illegal. In addition, some delegates explain More twisted theory. The Russian decision should be based on the fact that there are three Baltics Controversial territories To Russia.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov addressed the State Duma.  Photo: EFE

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov addressed the State Duma. Photo: EFE

Washington establishes an article of the treaty, when NATO was born The disputed territories cannot be in alliance, The circle will close. To NATO வீசு It is clear to guess what will happen to the three Baltic states and their fate.

Believe it or not, there is a current situation of Putin’s representatives in the Duma Supports the seriousness of this thesisIn NATO they are considered crazy.

Threat of Russia’s decision to cancel independence of three Baltic states That is trueThe bill proposed by Deputy Yevgeny Fedorov is in the Duma.

From Washington, the US government made it clear that it was his country Never approved Merger of the Baltic states with the Soviet Union in 1940.

Deputy Fedorov replied that if Russia revoked their independence, the option was simple: NATO must expel them Alliance or Accept the “beginning of World War III”.

Baltic, NATO “Lake”

Member of the Norwegian Navy during a patrol in the Baltic.  Photo: Reuters

Member of the Norwegian Navy during a patrol in the Baltic. Photo: Reuters

The East Home is animated today by being Thousands of soldiers from NATO countries. There are recommendations to raise it to 25 thousand. Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy have sent planes and pilots to the Baltic states to guarantee their safety.

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The eastern part surrounds the Baltic Sea Putin has suffered a major setback. His invasion of Ukraine Led to Sweden and Finland, Two Scandinavian countries declaring neutrality for decades, for historic change. Both applied to join NATO. Since Norway is already a member of the Western Alliance, its territories revolve around the Baltic Sea. An Atlantic Alliance Lake. The changes are huge.

David Rossi, an expert in military geopolitics. “Putin was defeated in the European naval war. His threats led Sweden and Finland to abandon their historic neutrality. “


But the reality of this setback and that compromises Russia’s military capability in the Baltic Sea By extension in the ArcticSweden and Finland are increasingly willing to defend themselves under the NATO umbrella as it loses its geopolitical advantage over the cold European seas.

Kaliningrad and its nuclear missiles

Russian sailors disembark from a military helicopter during a naval exercise in the Kaliningrad region.  Photo: Vitaly Never / Reuters

Russian sailors disembark from a military helicopter during a naval exercise in the Kaliningrad region. Photo: Vitaly Never / Reuters

Russian threat There is scary Swedes and Finns, Especially in the last decade. They were involved in strengthening the Kaliningrad base.

Russian Enclave Eventually created World War II In the Prussian capital, Old Gonisburg, Stalin, with his best vision, annexed the Soviet Union to the regional division among the conquerors. It is a powerful nuclear missile base Can be achieved in a short time Major European capitals.

The Swedes have fortified the strategic island of Gotland in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Transforms her into a sinking aircraft carrier Protected by sophisticated weapons. Finland further modernized its armed forces and purchased 64 F35 jets, which cost the US manufacturer $ 10 billion.

A few days ago, President Putin responded to these actions by Sweden and Finland. “We will answer”Said.

Manfred Weber, leader of the European People’s Party, the main party in the European Union, wrote in May. “Europe needs nuclear armor.”

“Europe can add value to the security of the continent and arrange for a long-term nuclear deterrent,” Weber said.

Many researchers in Germany have pointed this out Russia’s nuclear threat reiterated almost daily, There is a particular danger in the Kaliningrad region, which is bathed by the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Poland. Berlin is 530 kilometers from the Kaliningrad nuclear missiles. If the Russians launch hypersonic missiles, a few minutes will suffice Destroy the German capital.

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