May 21, 2024

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Narcos México 3: How Enedina Arellano Félix’s marriage really was

This marriage is imaginary (Photo: Instagram / @ narcos)

Recent installment Narcos Mexico, A series describing the lives of personalities such as family Arelano Felix, Screened on the Netflix streaming site on November 5th.

Chapter Two Narcos Mexico3 Its title As a flower, Of which, one of the daughters Benjamin Francisco Arelano Sanchez And Alicia Isabel Felix Marriage is. This is about Antenna Arelano Felix who is within this fiction Married Claudio Vázquez, A lawyer from a former law firm in Tijuana.

This wedding association attracts attention Adriana Nunes, Called a journalist from the newspaper Tijuana’s voice, Trying to get enough information to verify who the family is Arelano Felix Related and funded by the political class of Tijuana in the nineties, one of them Carlos Hong Gonzalez.

This is one of the only photos taken on Antina's wedding day (Photo: Special)
This is one of the only photos taken on Antina’s wedding day (Photo: Special)

In both fiction and real life, marriage took place Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadeloupe Located in Tijuana, however, the husband’s name Narco mummy He is neither Claudio Vasquez nor he is a lawyer.

According to a press release Time, Invited Enedina Arellano Félix, a man who married in the nineties Luis Toledo Carrejo Placeholder Image And his name appeared to be the owner of some companies The Arellano Félix family has been laundering money.

The income that was being washed away is obvious Came from the profits of the Tijuana Cardinal, A drug trafficking organization that transferred illicit goods to the United States because of its influence Narco Juniors.

Ramon, Benjamin and Enadina from the Arelano Felix family (photo: Instagram / @ narcosmexico_empire)
Ramon, Benjamin and Enadina from the Arelano Felix family (photo: Instagram / @ narcosmexico_empire)

In this type of production, it should be noted. Some names have been changed or omitted And the events are described in different ways to maintain the common thread of each chapter within the fiction, however, it is about keeping the facts as true as possible.

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That is why, in the same way, Adriana Nunes was not inspired by any particular real researcherRather, he was the personality of many journalists who were interested in the activities, members of the drug trade and their relations with the Mexican political class.

Arelano Felix family dominates drug trafficking in Mexico (Photo: Gil Perez)
Arelano Felix family dominates drug trafficking in Mexico (Photo: Gil Perez)

On the other hand, in the series it is said to be medium Tijuana’s voice It mocked government censorship at the time and printed its copies in the United States, however, this medium was not real. There are versions that say that Really impressed Zeta, A seminar whose portal is still functioning. This information site was established by a journalist Jesus Blankornelus, Murdered.

Because Enedina is now 60 years old and is more than just a “sister of Tijuana cartel leaders.” “She’s a woman who talks a little and usually wakes up early, except for the weirdness of other bosses.”. In 2003, Jesús Blancornelas wrote that he had always advised his brothers about money laundering.

Andina Arelano Felix, The "Narco mummy" (Photo: File)
Antina Arelano Felix, “Narco Mummy” (Photo: File)

In 1992, after the murder of their brother Ramon, who was identified as the cause of the murder of a family in Baja California, Ensenada, the Arelano Felix brothers made great efforts to float the criminal system.

However, they fell one by one: the Cardinal leader Benjamin was captured in March 2002. Francisco Xavier fell in the United States in 2006. Francisco Rafael was killed in 2013 by a hitman dressed as a clown at a party in Las Cabos.

As the kidnapping unit weakened, a woman assumed power: Andina Arelano FelixThe 50-year-old went unnoticed on the list of the most feared drug traffickers. DEA.

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