May 22, 2024

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Video: A couple walks into a hotel room and finds a camera in a socket

Video: A couple walks into a hotel room and finds a camera in a socket

A couple ended up finding it by moving to a hotel for privacy A security camera that “points directly at the bed”.. The device is hidden in a socket.

The event took place last Thursday, May 9, at Senator Cañedo in the metropolitan area of ​​Goiânia, Brazil. Realizing that they are being recorded, They blamed company employees who did not know how to confirm what happened.

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The couple went to the Canada Motel to have fun, but the meeting was darkened by an unusual occurrence. As they were coming out of the shower, they noticed something strange in the socket on the wall at the height of the bed.

When extracting it, They found a security camera. Enraged at what had happened, they went to the reception desk to ask for an explanation, but the staff were just as surprised as they were and said the venue’s management was unaware of what had happened.

The hotel staff told them another customer might have installed itHowever, the couple responded that it was the venue’s responsibility to check the rooms to guarantee the safety of users, regardless of who put it up.

The couple splits a store and finds the camera. (Video: X/@belemtransito)

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The only objection the receptionist made was that they leave without paying for the service. But the couple decided to go further Complained to the police.

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Who installed the cameras in the rooms?

On receiving the complaint, the Civil Police (PC) started an investigation In another suite he found a second camera installed in a socketAccording to Rep. Carla Fernandez.

The techno-scientific police started with expertise to clear up the case, for which they sent the devices to a forensic computer lab, according to local media.

Officials explained that a detailed notice (DCO) has been prepared for the offence Misrepresentation of sexual intimacy. However, the identity of the suspects who committed this illegal act has not been announced.

Motel officials were unaware of the presence of the installed equipment and promised to cooperate with the investigation. In a conversation with the G1 portal they expressed their “surprise and deep dismay at such a discovery” and emphasized their “irrevocable commitment to protecting the privacy and security of their guests”.

Investigators say they cannot identify the suspects who installed the cameras at this time. A statement was taken from the motel staff, but They said they were not aware of the devices installed in the rooms.

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