May 22, 2024

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Five shots at point-blank range: The moment Slovakia’s prime minister was shot in Handlova

Five shots at point-blank range: The moment Slovakia’s prime minister was shot in Handlova
The moment Slovakia’s prime minister was shot in Handlova

The Prime Minister of Slovakia Mr. Robert Figowas The shooting took place on Wednesday after a government meeting in the town of HandlovaIn the center of the country.

Video captured by a television camera shows Figo speaking to supporters gathered behind a fence in front of the Handlova Cultural House. suddenly, Five gunshots are heard, It appears to have been shot from close range.

You will see after a while Figo collapses and is rescued by his security team. He transferred him to a vehicle to take him to the hospital in Huntloa.

The moment Robert Figo was transferred seconds after the attack

Fico’s office said The prime minister was “shot multiple times and his life is now in danger.”

As reported by the private station TV Joge, The scenes struck Figo Breast bone and in nodes.

According to the newspaper Dennick N, Figo suffered injuries to his stomach, legs and arms. A witness who was close to the Prime Minister at the time of the attack, was quoted by the same media as giving assurances. Figo was injured and bleeding.

The shooter has been arrested Already by the Slovak Defense Forces. The 71-year-old was identified by local media Juraj Sindula and comes from the locality LevisIn the south-east of the country.

Man arrested after attack (REUTERS/Radovan Stoklasa)

The director of the local hospital in Handlowa, Marta Ecardova, “Figo was transferred to our hospital and treated in our vascular surgery clinic,” said.

He could not describe his injuries.

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Subsequently, Fico was taken by helicopter to Bansk√° BystricaAbout 65 kilometers from Handlova.

First responders picked up Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico in central Slovakia. (Jan Kroeslock/TASR via AP)

Figo, its left-wing party Smr (Director) has won the general elections held last September He is a political veteran who served as Prime Minister four times.

In addition to his current tenure as Prime Minister, Figo was also head of government in 2006-10 and 2012-18.

event occurs Three weeks before the elections to the European ParliamentPopulist and far-right parties in 27 countries are making progress.

Major opposition parties, Progressive Slovakia And Freedom and UnityHe called off protests against a controversial government plan to reform public media channels and give the government full control of public radio and television.

“We fully and firmly condemn today’s violence and shootings against Prime Minister Robert Fico,” said Michal Simecka, head of Progressive Slovakia. “At the same time we call on all politicians to refrain from any expression or action that contributes to rising tensions.”

Robert Figo speaks to supporters before being shot in Handlova. (AP via Radovan Stoklasa/TASR)

In September, Figo emerged politically again after the campaign Pro-Russia and anti-American rhetoric.

Critics feared that Slovakia under Figo would abandon the country’s pro-Western stance and lean toward the populist leanings of the Hungarian prime minister. Victor Orban.

Thousands of people have repeatedly protested Fico’s policies in the capital and across Slovakia.

Protests against political violence quickly emerged from across Europe The motive for the attack was not clear.

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At a press conference after the shooting, Vice Chancellor Lupus PlahaFrom the Smer de Fico party, attacked the enemies.

“It’s your fault, the liberal media and progressive politicians.”. “Robert Figo is fighting for his life because of your hatred,” he said.