February 27, 2024

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Video: Inmate's Shocking Attack on Judge Who Denied Parole

Video: Inmate's Shocking Attack on Judge Who Denied Parole

This shocking incident took place in the state of Nevada, USA. (Video: Twitter/AlertaMundoNews)

A 30-year-old man identified as Theobra Retten. He attacked the judge Mary Kay Holthus, Clark County, Nevada, courtroom. After being denied parole This Wednesday at noon.

Seen in a video shared on networks by the media Alert Mundo News, The man approached the stand and lunged at the judge, the sheriff tries to stop the attack, causing blows to the head and injuries. Fortunately, both were out of danger.

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The accused assaulted the judge who refused parole.

Redden has three criminal records and He was awaiting sentencing on a charge of “attempting to assault causing grievous bodily harm” during the attack. It happened on April 23 last year when he threatened another man to “break his knees”.

Before the sentencing, the 30-year-old had said he “shouldn't be sent to jail”. His lawyer had sought his conditional release, but the judge refused, pointing out that “he should take another course of action”, which unleashed the defendant's fury.

Aggressor's history of violence

In 2021, he faced charges of “Malicious destruction of property And records indicate that he served prison terms.”domestic attack For one year starting in 2021.

On April 23, 2023, Redton threatened a person “Breaking the knees” of another person. This resulted in serious injuries.

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In May of that year, another judge ordered a competency evaluation of Retton, and he was admitted to a state behavioral facility, eventually being declared competent in October.

Redden pleaded guilty in November. In December, after he failed to appear in court, the concerned judge issued an arrest warrant for him.