May 23, 2024

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Video of the panic on the stormy flight from Santiago de Chile to Asuncion

Video of the panic on the stormy flight from Santiago de Chile to Asuncion
Passengers on the Ladam flight connecting Santiago de Chile with Asuncion experienced moments of panic

Passengers of the plane Latham That united Santiago de Chile with assumption They experienced moments of panic this Wednesday afternoon due to a heavy storm that appeared in the middle of the journey. The flight, which was supposed to land in Paraguay’s capital, was diverted and eventually grounded. Foz do Iguacu Then come to Asuncion.

As reported by local radio Radio Nandudi, the flight arrived at Silvio Pedrosi Airport with some mechanical problems. Meanwhile, medium Weather Webregistered as a carrying vessel 48 passengersmanaged to land Safe way.

In a video posted by a passenger on social media, the screams of those on board the flight from Santiago de Chile can be heard. It was recorded from a seat so it wasn’t obvious, but Turbulence This made the device move strongly from one side to another.

“OMG”, a woman is heard saying; A passenger filming the event takes a deep breath. “Please, good God! How barbaric!” expresses. Other voices are heard in the distance, indicating the concern of all the passengers.

“Finally, the plane was able to land in the capital, previously diverted to Foz de Iguazú,” he confirmed on Twitter. Radio Nandudi.

And he added: This way the plane arrived at Silvio Pedrosi Airport, where there were more than 40 passengers. He landed with some mechanical problems.

The nose of the aircraft was damaged

In a photo released after the plane landed, the nose of the plane was seen to be mangled.

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in the middle National Paraguay added that the plane was finally able to land after being diverted to Foz de Iguazu. assumption. “Passengers on a Ladam Airlines flight from Santiago de Chile to Asuncion experienced moments of panic as they passed through the storm and turbulence that hit our territory before landing. “The flight was diverted to Foz de Iguazú and then landed in Asunción,” he explained.

Former model Paul Thoman He said traveling by plane Memorial Radio What lived “I’m shaking because now I can only gasp and cry. Here we are integrating all this,” he said this Thursday morning; While pointing out: “30 minutes after arriving in Asuncion we felt the turbulence. We couldn’t go down in Foz, they at least opened the door to let the air in.

“We came in Panic, the pilot says we are preparing for a forced landing. I asked my daughter alone. We prepare for impact. My daughter is very vulnerable. My seat belt was off and I called for help.”Thoman explained.

And he continued: “A man took pity on me and helped me put on my belt. My daughter hugged him thinking he was her father. Thank God the impact did not come. The brakes didn’t work and I thought we were going to hell. I can only cry now, unable to present all my fears to my daughter. I’m with you Panic attacks”.

Finally, he said: “Everybody screamed. There were people who needed medical help, oxygen. At that time I had to show my daughter that we were okay; and finally, With my heartbroken, I said goodbye to my daughter that I love and adore her.

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Through a statement released this Thursday, the company said, “On Wednesday, October 26, the Flight LA1325 (Santiago de Chile-Asunción) past Severe weather During your flight.

“The plane made an emergency landing in Asuncion, which was carried out at 23:09 (local time) without any problems. Both passengers and crew are on board. Good condition“, Confident.

And he concluded: “Ladam Airlines Paraguay regrets the inconvenience this weather situation has caused its passengers.”

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