July 13, 2024

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The US has warned Russia that NATO is ready to defend its territory against any aggression

The US has warned Russia that NATO is ready to defend its territory against any aggression
US warns Russia that NATO is ready to defend its territory against any aggression (REUTERS)

AmericaThe host of the summit NATO The warning will be held this week in Washington Russia and urged her to desist from any plan of aggression against her territory.

Alliance “ready to defend every centimeter of territory”The White House’s national security adviser, Jack Sullivan, highlighted the camp’s actions in recent years as an example of an “unambiguous message” that it is prepared to face any aggression toward its territory “now and within.” the future.”

As Sullivan noted, defense investment by each country has grown significantly since 2020, from $325 billion that year to $500 billion today. Similarly, the consultant celebrated that at least 23 countries now allocate at least 2% of their gross domestic product (GDP).

These numbers include his contributions Ukraine from Vladimir Putin The war began there, and although the conflict lasted, the Allies would not abandon it, a sign of their support for Kiev.

Sullivan stressed that Russia cannot win this war and that allies will increase their efforts to help Ukraine defend itself (AP).

“We cannot resist more than we can. It cannot weaken us,” Putin said. “Ukraine, not Russia, will win this war.”He promised in a tone of confidence that measures would be announced at the end of this meeting.

One of the main axes of this year’s NATO summit was to explore ways to strengthen the capabilities of Volodymyr Zelensky’s troops at the Children’s Cancer Hospital, which, because of its brutality, accelerated the group’s plans.

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“That’s clear To prevent the kind of tragedy we’ve seen, allies must step up and provide additional air defense systems to Ukraine.. We will announce in full detail this weekend what we have in mind in terms of strengthening their air defences The United States, along with our allies and partners, is committed to providing more assistance to Ukraine.“Michael Carpenter, special assistant to President Joe Biden, said earlier in the day.

At the end of the summit, the deployment of six patriotic units to Ukraine may be announced (REUTERS)

Therefore, it is expected that Zelensky will succeed if the negotiations during the meeting progress Patriotic Organization of the Netherlands, Two from the US and many others Three Contributed by Romania, Germany And Italy. In total, there will be six devices by the end of the year.

In addition to the threat Russia represents in Ukraine, NATO members will discuss the Kremlin’s role in other regions. Indo-Pacific and its impact Asia.

Sullivan directly linked these tensions and strategic alliances with regimes like China, Iran, and North Korea, adding, “What happens in Europe affects the Indo-Pacific and what happens in the Indo-Pacific affects Europe, and we see that every day.”

The U.S. closely monitors relations with Vladimir Putin’s allies (REUTERS).

He mentioned in that way North Korean Missile Exports And Drones made in Iran to Moscow, or its transfer of key war and space technology to these actors.

“We are looking at what impact Russia has on the security of the Indo-Pacific and the rest of the world for these countries,” the US adviser concluded.

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(with information from EFE)