May 31, 2023

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Viral wedding: The moment the groom confesses to the priest that he was forced to marry him

Photo: Bugrave painting. Forced marriages may seem less common as the years go by, however, there are still many cases.

The time to get married is a happy day for many, though not for everyone when they feel obligated. This is what went viral, when a young couple was about to say yes in a religious wedding, and the priest officiating questioned the couple if they were ready to take one of the most important steps of their lives, but that was it. The boyfriend who was still nervous.

And the groom, dressed in blue, gives a cryptic answer that perhaps no bride wants to hear on her wedding day, and that too in less time. Social networks and their immediacy can make one pass through one of the most awkward moments of existence.

The priest who was in charge of the ceremony then He asked the groom if he wanted to get marriedAnd when, against his will, he was forced to enter into the rites of what was supposed to be marriage, the young man, clearly nervous, did not at first openly respond, however, because of the pressure of the father and those who had come to the pledge. Like the cameras there to capture the happy moment, The boyfriend denied that he spoke very openly and calmly.

Bolivian couple nervous in front of altar. (Photo: TikTok)

“Are they coming to marry freely, of their own free will, without coercion?” That is the question. You hear a very low negative followed by a loud one The priest asks the young man if he is being forced, and he nods..

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“Are you forced to get married?” The priest asked the question again, and the groom did not hesitate to answer the question in the affirmative The bride vowed that she would marry for complete freedom.

The event took place In BoliviaIn Arani’s community and in the comments of the video, the reaction of the woman who accompanied them, not knowing whether she was the bride’s mother-in-law or groom, was analyzed with nervousness and even a smile. .

Given in the lover’s replyThe father tried to lighten the situation by making some jokes about which language the lover should speak with an accent imitating Quechua or Argentinian. He said that if it was a forced marriage, that too would not exist.

After several minutes and questions, the groom indicated that he did, in fact, wish to be married that day, and confirmed that he was free to attend a wedding celebrated in his name, so peace could be found. Bride’s face

After the groom rested, the Bolivian couple continued with the wedding ceremony. (Photo: TikTok)

Yes right Not much is known about the people involved in the wedding ceremony. It went viral and In its first edition Uploaded by user davidfacha13 is about Nine million views, in addition to being shared 81,000 times Through the video site TikTokThe way content is shared now represents a gateway to becoming viral.

From happy and funny facts, news, lifestyle, to embarrassing situations and tragedies, with the speed of publishing content today without being a celebrity. Situations like this couple can be discussed all over the world And if the clarity or information in the video is unclear give them different meanings.

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Not much is known about the couple after the video reached the whole of Latin America, and was picked up on several occasions by the media, where other users of the social network described their own experiences or took extracts, because the video is one minute and twenty seconds long.