April 23, 2024

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Vladimir Putin. | Page 12

Vladimir Putin.  |  Page 12

The Russian government announced today, Friday Will create new military bases in the west of the country as an “appropriate countermeasure” to NATO’s expansionThen Sweden and Finland – after decades of military mobilization – have decided to join the Atlantic Alliance.Despite the Kremlin’s warnings. “Our closest neighbors, Finland and Sweden, have applied to join NATO. Therefore, tensions in the Western Military District area of ​​responsibility continue to rise,” the defense minister said. Sergei Shoiku. “We are taking appropriate counter-measures. Under these conditions, we are actively improving the combat structure of the troops,” the minister added.

“Increased threats”

In counter measures taken by the Government Vladimir Putin, By the end of the year, Shoi explained, “12 military units and paramilitary units will be formed in the Western Military District.”, He said at a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Shoiku added that this year Russian troops will receive more than 2,000 modern weapons and military equipment. According to the official, the situation in the western strategic area “Characterized by an increase in military threats near Russian borders,” he said, citing the intensity of US strategic aircraft in Europe, multiplied by 15. -Three to 45 years- and the arrival of American ships with guided missiles into the Baltic Sea, they have become systematic. He recalled that the United States and NATO were conducting European defense exercises near the borders of Russia and Belarus “with up to 40,000 soldiers from 30 countries participating in the camp”.

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Russia-Ukraine conflict, minute by minute

Sweden and Finland’s entry into NATO received strong support from US President Joe Biden on Thursday, who promised the two countries would meet “all requirements” but faced opposition from Turkey. Its leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is now urging both countries to block the Kurdish “terrorists” on the grounds that they are a haven and therefore vetoed. This Friday, Erdogan initiated a round of contacts involving the leaders of Finland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom in an open effort to prevent the problem. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has already confirmed ties with Turkey to block access to Sweden and Finland.

Kurdish terrorism

The main question of Erdogan has been linked to organizations in Ankara, which he considers “terrorists” such as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the People’s Security Forces (YPG), with the permission of the Nordic countries. However, the Swedish government described Erdogan’s relationship between the Nordic country and the PKK as “misinformation”. Swedish President Ann Linde said on her Twitter page that she wanted to be reminded that it was the government of Olof Palmein who first declared PKK a terrorist organization in 1984 after Turkey, as misinformation spread about Sweden and PKK. .