September 26, 2023

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Weekly Astrological Forecast September 10-16:

Weekly Astrological Forecast September 10-16:

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Virgo season continues this week, bringing us a new moon, the end of Mercury retrograde, and an ease that calls us forward once again.

Virgo (Image: ProVectors | Getty)

New Moon in Virgo

As the moon passes through moon cycle, The new moon occurs after she has emptied herself naked in her final full phase. From here it starts over and rebirths itself into the world.

We’ve been traveling through Virgo season for several weeks. Virgo has the gift of seeing the highest potential in everything, including oneself. With this clear vision, every step you take is intentional and in service of this potential. Whether that’s through taking care of our bodies with food, movement, or a self-care routine. Whether it’s getting to know our thoughts and peeling back layers through therapy. Whether it’s through instilling organization and order, habits that hold us back, or structured plans to move us forward.

Part of Virgo’s innate mission is to encourage us to intentionally and continually improve, analyze, abstract, build, iterate, and integrate. This is what we need to become on the outside what we are on the inside.

September 14, 2023 brings a new moon in Virgo, which blesses us with an invitation to begin anew in a world of refinement and purpose, direction and clarity, self-analysis and integration. Its sole goal is to become our true identity, our highest potential.

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This new moon asks us to consider a new chapter. What we would like it to look like. How would we like to start it? It reminds us that we have the power to choose what develops in our lives, bodies, minds, and auras. It calls us to lovingly care for ourselves, removing what does not reflect our identity, cultivating what is, and continuing to nurture and nurture the beautiful potential within us.

Illustration of Mercury retrograde relative to Earth.
Mercury’s orbit is completed in less time than Earth’s, resulting in occasional retrograde periods. (Illustration: Getty Images)

Direct Mercury in Virgo

One day after the Virgo new moon, Mercury ended its retrograde motion on September 15, 2023, and began moving forward again in grounded Virgo.

In astrology, every planet has one or two zodiac signs that it rules. Mercury rules Virgo. Mercury also rules our mental worlds. It shapes how we receive, process and share information. As an archetype, it represents learning, logic, communication, information, technology, and planning. Mercury and Venus carry the same desired intentions and directions and their energies coexist well together.

Mercury entered Virgo on July 28, 2023, and will remain in an Earth sign until October 4, 2023. Although Mercury is a fast-moving planet, we have been given an unusually long period of time with Mercury in one sign, which is a sign of Virgo. Delve deeper into her energy intentions.

While Mercury has been and continues to be in Virgo, there is a call to focus on the details of our lives. To begin breaking down any plans, desires, or visions into small, digestible, intentional steps. Also, creating a new relationship with our daily actions, routines, habits and rituals so that they can begin to truly support and serve ourselves and our desires.

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I invited you

This week brings two invitations to a new beginning in Virgo. Mercury, and by extension our minds, was traversing the underworld, retracing our steps and relearning how to navigate life. When the New Moon meets us and Mercury moves direct, we have an opportunity to nurture our inner Virgo.

While each new moon can feel like a beautiful opportunity to start over, having Mercury begin its direct motion hours later only adds to that momentum. It’s wide open energy.

What if you were offered a new beginning, a chance to start over, with the divine mission to make who you are on the inside reflected in every aspect of your life experience? The way you express yourself and the stories you carry about life, your relationships and the way you contribute to the world, the way you meet each day and the steps you take over and over again, the way you deal with your emotions and the way you deal with your feelings. Feet touching the ground? If every moment and area of ​​your life were a reflection of your personality, what would you say? More importantly, what do you want to say?

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