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Weekly horoscopes for the week of October 17 according to the story

Weekly horoscopes for the week of October 17 according to the story

Famous Libra Angela Lansbury, who would have turned 97 today.
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late saturday night, Saturn The Planet of Fear, Limitations, and Responsibility – will finally end its nearly five-month retrograde. During this period, you have likely faced challenges, forced to reckon uncomfortable facts about yourself. The universe has called out all your tricks, demanded that you keep your promises, and question the interesting stories you tell yourself. Now that it’s a file retrograde period Done, it’s time to put what you learned to use. The strange difficulties of the past half year were not in vain. They have been leading you forward, teaching you to be honest and brave.

Right now, your life is too much. Perhaps work is stressful, your relationships are strained, or your mood is too high to handle. Keep in mind, this week, that a large part of that stress and unhappiness you’re experiencing comes from taking on more than you can handle on your own. As much as you value your independence, and as much as you hate feeling drained by others, sometimes the only way to achieve it is by asking for help. You are only human and humans need each other. Don’t try to do it alone.

Lately, it seems that the only way to maintain your close relationships is to make yourself “easier” in love. In order to be treated tenderly or viewed with desire, you have found it necessary to first hide the difficult parts of yourself – your stubbornness, your contradictions. But this week, it will become clearer than ever that this trade-off is not worth it. In fact, this is not necessary. You will find that your connections are enhanced when you stand up for yourself, and when you insist that you are worthy, just as you are.

You cannot be everything to everyone. You know that’s true. However, you will sometimes find yourself struggling to get the admiration or approval of everyone who gets in your way – acquaintances and strangers alike. This week, as in every week, there is a good chance that you will be hated or misunderstood by some people, but your job is to keep this in perspective. What a loss, after all, to not be appreciated by those you don’t respect or value in return? You don’t have to be universally liked. Focus on the people you care about.

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When you feel frustrated with yourself, you tend to seek reassurance from others. Your life is full of people who admire you deeply and know you are capable of miracles, and who are eager to tell you so. The problem is that external verification can’t protect you on its own. As encouraging as it can be, it is not a substitute for self-belief. So, exercise confidence this week: If you take small, calculated risks, they will likely pay off. Gradually, you can take the biggest one, until you are reminded of how strong you really are, until you believe again.

You have been feeling weighed down by work, complicated feelings, and intense doubt about yourself and your place in the world. There is value in facing difficult tasks and difficult questions, but not to the exclusion of everything else. Recklessness and free time can’t be yours Full life, but they should not miss it either. This week, make sure to take one action that does nothing to bring you closer to your goals or make the world better, and has absolutely no purpose other than to make you happy. For a while at least, make your only job a rest.

The smallest tasks have been unmanageable lately, and when you feel that even the little things are impossible, you start to question your larger goals. You’re starting to wonder if it’s time to give up – into a project, a relationship, or a dream for your future. The road seems very bumpy, and the cost of constant perseverance is very high. Occasionally the most wise course of action he is To stop fighting against the tide, and if you are determined to quit, go for it. But if you’re on the fence, stick with it this week. Circumstances may change yet. Don’t give up on yourself.

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The problem with always being helpful, competent, or understanding toward others is that they periodically begin to take these traits for granted. Your kindness begins to appear so natural that they lose sight of the effort it takes. People forget that they must reciprocate. The solution, this week, is not to stop supporting the ones you love (at least, not unless they give you a good reason for it), but to talk about yourself and your needs. Be more demanding than you have been. Make some noise. It might be the only way to get what you need right now.

Lately, I’ve been agonizing over all the times I was clumsy, unsophisticated, and exploited. There is so much you wish you could have done differently, and all you wish you knew soon. It is hard not to feel that life would be completely different today if you had not been naive in the past, if you had made wiser choices. This week, try to remember that you supposed To make mistakes, to be embarrassed, to change your mind and then change it again. Being wrong sometimes won’t ruin your life. He. She he is life and you are fine.

In the past months, the world has made you re-evaluate yourself and your life. You may have found that you are weirder, wilder, or more intense than you thought. You may have realized that the goal you are pursuing on your own is not what you want at all. It’s destabilizing to question your identity, but it won’t destroy you. The key, this week, is to stay true to yourself. You can’t ignore what you’ve seen, and don’t pretend you don’t know what you’re doing. Don’t ignore your thoughts. Let them guide you into a new (and ultimately more satisfying) stage.

It’s hard to know how much support you can count on others to give you, and how much you need to do for yourself. Because no matter how much your friends love you and Wants And to be there for you, you’ve found that they don’t always have the time, ability, or insight to provide the care you need. They also have their own lives and problems. This week, your instinct may be to swing all the way in the opposite direction, to solve the problem on your own, but that’s not realistic either. Even when it’s imperfect, accept the love that others have for you. It makes your life better.

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You feel trapped by the regularity of your life. Your daily routine is unsatisfactory; Want adventure and a change of your time on Earth issue. At the same time, you suspect that this is unrealistic, and that you have to get used to disappointment. But this is not true. Do not give in to unhappiness. Instead, use your imagination, your mind, and your willpower, to create the life you want. It is difficult, not impossible. You have all the skills and courage you need, so trust yourself.

Up to a certain point, negative emotions can be beneficial. It’s not wrong to feel guilty when you speak up without thinking, get the facts wrong, or accidentally hurt someone. But often (like this week) it’s all too easy to get swallowed up by shame. Instead of pushing you to be better, or to mend strained relationships, it makes you want to step back completely, to hide yourself away. Try to remember that everyone does and says things they regret. You are not alone in this. far from it. You do your best to do what you do right by others, and they know it and love you for it.

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