December 8, 2023

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Wes Anderson’s ‘Asteroid City’ Sets Niche Box Office Records – Deadline

Wes Anderson’s ‘Asteroid City’ Sets Niche Box Office Records – Deadline

Asteroid City Delivering a massive jolt to the art and specialty worlds this weekend, Focus Features’ Wes Anderson movie blew records with an estimated total of $790,000 for a three-day and $890,000 for a four-day weekend in just six theaters.

That’s an average of $132,211 per theater for the three days, $148,901 for the four, and represents the largest PTA of the year, since Covid, and for several years before that. This bouncer can energize the specialized box office like no other. for him Grand Budapest Hotel In 2014, it opened at $800,000 on four screens, for a PSA of $200,000 each — it’s still considered the best of all time.

Asteroid City Landmarks by focus:

Best rating in theater since December 2016 when La La Land It opened at $176,220 per theater

Best ever per-theater rate for a movie opening at six locations (previous record was American extortion priced at $123,509)

– All-time best average per theater for a Focus Features film, beating Wes Anderson for 2012 Sunrise Kingdom ($130,700 from 4 theaters)

– Best opening weekend ever at the Angelica Theatre

– Best opening weekend ever at Sunset Theatre

Landmark reopened the last place this weekend in total Asteroid City The acquisition, including a full pop-up experience to replicate the set and the movie playing on all five screens, is part of a major marketing push by Focus, which will expand it to nearly 1,500 theaters next weekend.

“We are thrilled with this weekend’s record-breaking results and the overwhelmingly positive response. Wes Anderson is a unique director with unparalleled creative vision, and it is gratifying to see adult moviegoers return to theaters to join the cast,” said Lisa Bunnell, Head of Distribution. The fun of this movie.

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“We’re off to a tremendous start and we’re excited to share Asteroid City with more audiences in the coming weeks,” said Bonnell, who calls Anderson a “niche world marvel.”

Bunnell said the film sees a diverse crowd with a lot of young people — which means people between the ages of 18 and 34 need to bring niche theaters back again. The 9 and 10 pm shows were lively.

It took a village, as partners Landmark, Alamo Drafthouse, and Angelica all made big payments, with plenty of support from AMC, which will be racking up the most showings next week as the film expands.

Weekend details: Friday – $350,000; Saturday – $250,000; Sunday – $190,000; Monday – $100,000.

Other openings: There weren’t many distributors who were clearly oriented amidst a huge backlog of wide release and what proved to be Wes Anderson’s juggernaut. telugu movie Adeporushfrom Viva Entertainment, was a single that popped in with an estimated $1.6 million on 550 screens, making it into the top ten for the weekend.