February 24, 2024

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What criminals are doing with their phones today and how to prevent them from draining your accounts

What criminals are doing with their phones today and how to prevent them from draining your accounts

Cell phone theft is already reflected 27% of crimes In Argentina; Be it burglary, theft or phone loss. Given the growth in mobile device carrying that affects everyone from children to the elderly, Cybercriminals Now they are paying attention Information It is stored there.

According to a report on “Cellphone Theft,” by PDR Consulting, some 9,000 cell phones are stolen a day in AMBAThat is about 300 to 400 thefts per hour.

In this case, computer security experts have given an explanation Phone thieves often ignore security checks.

However Buying and selling stolen phones The order of the day, criminals are now trying to “get into” a user’s phone passes through A pin and face recognition mechanism To access profiles in other applications and Deceiving new victims.

New forms of cybercrime from cell phone theft

Thieves go after victims’ accounts.

After stealing a victim’s savings, fraudsters can wreak havoc Access to digital accounts. They do it through Password resets Commonly used banking, investment and crypto platforms wait for the OTP (One-Step Authentication) to be sent to the stolen phone.

With a code sent to a stolen phone, cybercriminals can Easily reset account password And get full control.

“In some countries the circle of criminal methods is closed with application SIM Swap Technique. “Criminals use the PIN to unlock the victim’s phone, then try the same code to access other banking apps, wallets, e-commerce, etc… They look for bank passwords in the phone’s notes,” says Gabriel Jurdo, CEO of BTR Consulting.

“Unfortunately, many people have lost their phones or had their devices stolen They had money stolen from their Mercado Pago accounts. In many cases, even cybercriminals They took a loan from the app in the name of the victim. In 2022, countries like Argentina recorded the highest number of complaints from people who first had their phones stolen and then emptied their digital wallet accounts,” commented Camilo Gutierrez Amaya, Head of ESET Latin America Lab.

To prevent a thief from gaining access to money or personal data (emails, chat conversations, photos, videos or audios) that can be used to commit virtual fraud, users must follow a series of steps to protect all of their assets.

Mateo Sauton, CTO of n1u virtual wallet, suggests in principle Enable additional authentication factors. “This is very useful in cases where a third party wants to access our phone. Many banks and online shopping sites allow us to enable the option of a second authentication factor based on a one-time code: Token, fingerprint or facial recognition“He clarifies.

What to do with content stored on the cell phone, such as creating a backup to a Gmail account, iCloud (if you have an iPhone), or an external cloud. There photos, files, documents and videos are protected from third parties. Companies providing these types of services are liable Physical security In all information.

What to do if your cell phone is stolen

The first thing is to file a complaint.

Then, the user needs to interact Mobile phone provider (Personal, Movistar or Claro) to request the cancellation of the registered SIM card with the line number and Ask for IMEI lockA 15-digit code reserved by the manufacturer to identify each mobile device.

If you are a Movistar customer, the process is as follows: call *611 from a company line or *910 if connected via Claro or personal cell phone. If done from a landline, the number to contact is 0800-321-0611

To request a private line suspension, call 0800 444 0800 from a landline, *111 from a company cell phone or *910 from any company.

As personally clarified, the management should have the police report of the incident and the corresponding document. Finally, you have to visit a private shop and file a police report to exchange the SIM with your ID.

If you have a virtual wallet on your device, you should always have it I enable two-factor authentication And different keys, experts highlighted.

Finally, they recommend Run remote device wipe To protect data and avoid any form of identity fraud.