June 13, 2024

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What happened to the Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 that lost altitude for four minutes with 229 people on board?

What happened to the Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 that lost altitude for four minutes with 229 people on board?
Rescue medical teams prepare to transfer injured people to a hospital near Suvarnabhumi Airport in Samut Prakan province, Thailand on May 21, 2024. At least one person was killed and more than 30 passengers were injured aboard a Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore that was diverted to Bangkok due to severe turbulence, according to Singapore Airlines. (Singapore, Thailand, London, Singapore) Title Correction EFE/EPA/NARONG SANGNAK

A plane that closed the route between London And Singapore It encountered turbulence and a sudden descent, and the pilots were unable to control it for at least four minutes, during which the device lost two thousand meters of altitude.

The reason they gave for that An unexpected encounter with an air pocket in space the motherAn emergency landing was forced to be announced Suvarnabhumi Airport. The flight landed at 3.50 pm local time.

He General Manager of Suvarnabhumi Airport, Kittypong KittychornReported as a result of turbulence due to facing “Air Pockets” One airbag A total of 56 people were injured. In this, “There is 7 people were seriously injured, 23 people were moderately injured Hospitalized persons, and 1 worker injuredKittychorn said.

In addition, other 25 passengers with minor cuts and bruises.

The Preliminary investigations The death of a 73-year-old British national with heart disease was reported. however, Kittypong Kittychorn “They are still in the next phase of the autopsy process,” he noted.

The plane encountered severe turbulence while en route Fly over Thailand. They decided to make an emergency landing to avoid further complications and provide immediate medical attention to the victims.

This is how the body and the injured were taken off the Singapore Airlines flight

At the time of landing, medical and emergency services Suvarnabhumi Airport They were ready to help injured passengers. Airport officials, along with airline staff, acted quickly and ensured that the most seriously ill patients were given priority treatment.

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The incident is subject to a thorough investigation by aviation and medical authorities. Kittypong Kittychorn It expressed its commitment to the safety and well-being of all victims and thanked the emergency teams for their quick response.

Boeing has expressed its condolences to the family of the man who died during the flight Singapore Airlines About 30 people were injured in the severe turbulence.

“Our deepest condolences go out to the families who have lost a loved one,” Boeing said after the 777 flight connecting London. Singapore Make an emergency landing in Bangkok.

A passenger who experienced the turbulence died and several others were injured

Singapore said it would send investigators to Bangkok to investigate the incident further.

“The Transport Safety Investigation Bureau (TSIB) is in contact with its Thai counterparts and will send investigators to Bangkok.”The Ministry of Transport said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the President of Singapore, Dharman ShanmugaratnamHe said he would “hope and pray” for the recovery of the 30 injured after one person died on a turbulence-hit Singapore Airlines flight.

Shanmugaratnam wrote on Facebook, “My deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the deceased.

(With information from AFP)