March 27, 2023

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When they went to eat at a popular restaurant, they were speechless when they saw the ticket: “Nobody gives that.”

At this stage, Salt Bay is one of the most followed influencers on Instagram And it was only earned by going viral through videos of him sprinkling salt on his food and posing in a certain pose. however, A recent Instagram post outraged many of his followers for bragging about how expensive his restaurant was..

Thanks to its massive presence on social networks, Nusred KokseA nickname Salt Bay managed to expand its Nusr-Ed chain Through various tourist destinations like New York, Istanbul and Dubai. But what is hidden in these funny videos, a Acting Meat should be handled “delicately”. Cost of each meal.

Ticket shared by Salt Bay on his Instagram accountInstagram: @nusr_et

Since its inception, the restaurant chain has been criticized for the price of its products, but In this case, network users were outraged Its owner will be proud of it.

“Quality is never expensive”, Turk wrote in his latest Instagram post, Showcase a cashed ticket at Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, located at the dazzling Al Maria Island Gallery.

Salt Bay is a rage not only for its restaurants, but also for its revelry
Salt Bay is a rage not only for its restaurants, but also for its revelry

same, We can see that the final bill was 615,065 dirhams (Arab currency), which is equivalent to $167,455.. Although the ticket was similar for a group of ten, followers were outraged at the price of each item, such as water, beer and meat.

“It saddens me to look at this dinner bill and think that it could save an entire town from starving for days. No one should pay Rs 405 for water.User also wrote: Like it in the comment box. “It’s really bad. It’s bad that you’re exposing it. When there’s poverty everywhere”, commented another, who reflected: “How many families can be fed with the same amount?”.

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The chef has been linked to movie stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Pacino, as well as sports stars. Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, Arturo Vidal, among many others. But it was the same Diego Maradona, true to his style, criticized the restaurant’s prices After a video went viral of Salt Bay removing the bone from meat in front of “Ten’s” eyes.

The chef’s Instagram account has reached over 40 million followers worldwideDespite his outburst on social media in 2017, he was shown spreading his particular salt first on his elbow and then spreading it on the meat.

One of the Turkish billionaire’s many viral videos is from 2021, in which he wears a white apron, latex gloves, and picks up a sponge. Without removing his dark glasses, he began to show his group of employees How to properly wash your restaurant dishes

Salt Bay taught his employees to wash dishes

Water, soap, juggling and step-by-step actions to remove every last gram of fat are part of the game.. From time to time he would interrupt his “master class” to give some indication or warn of how he likes things. In the background, a very moving and bluesy song called “Unchain My Heart” played. By Joe Cocker. “Accessible. Clean, all the time”He mentioned to his staff.