January 30, 2023

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Where Michigan’s 2023 recruiting class stands after Calhoun’s commitment

Where Michigan's 2023 recruiting class stands after Calhoun's commitment
Maize & BlueReview – Where the Michigan Recruitment Class of 2023 stands after Calhoun’s commitment

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Get an annual M&BR subscription for just $22! Use code RIVALS22

The Michigan recruiting class of 2023 has been on an upward trend in class rankings after class commitments increased.

The Wolverines class has now jumped higher with the 2023 commitment of four-star defensive back Cameron Calhoun on Saturday.

according to Rivals 2023 Team Rankingsthe Wolverines have cracked the top 25 after a mostly lethargic summer that saw the Wolverines emerge in the 1950s a few months earlier.

UM currently sits at No. 23.

The Wolverines are looking to finish off a strong 2023 recruiting class with the Wolverines turning to three-star DJ Waller and Ohio State’s Jason Hewlett.

UM has a chance to jump into the teens, trailing the likes of Florida State (#22) by less than 20 points and Iowa (#21) by less than 60 points.

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