February 26, 2024

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Who are the Argentinian players who went to Italy to participate in the Ice Cream World Cup?

Who are the Argentinian players who went to Italy to participate in the Ice Cream World Cup?

The Argentina's national selection of artisan ice cream (HA), the current Latin American champion, is already in Rimini, Italy, where he will participate from this Saturday. Gelato World Cup 2024. The event will feature various challenges from which the world's best ice cream will be defined in five categories.

As announced by the Association of Artisan Ice Cream and Allied Manufacturers (Afatya) and the Federation of Pastry Workers this Friday, The national team will compete against 10 other countries to determine the best ice cream team in the world.

For this, their performance and skills will be evaluated Evidence From salty ice cream starters to hot dishes, frozen snacks, frozen cake, decorated pacha, portion in a glass, surprise “mystery box” experiments and pieces of art like ice sculpture, chocolate and candy.

“We did more than a year of hard preparation and intensive work which helped in the discovery and development of the theme, flavors and combination of ingredients. We believe in our work and will represent the country in the best possible way,” he said. In a statement, Eduardo Zaccaria, team captain and master ice cream maker.

“Argentine Artisan Ice Cream Selection” is run by Zacharia and created by experts Alberto Alegre, Corina Cambon, Ruben Torre and Santiago Nieto.

Except for Argentina, in the middle End countries They include Germany, Brazil, China, North Korea, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Singapore and Taiwan.

Argentina finished 3rd in the last World Cup, behind Italy and Japan. In that competition, Argentina won the world's most innovative ice cream award in a “mystery box” test.

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“In Argentina we have the best artisanal ice creams in the world, and that continues to be proven at the competitions. Artisan ice cream is the ambassador of our gastronomy, and all the work and years of traveling have allowed the Argentine team to measure itself once again with the world's best ice cream makers,” said Afatya's President and World Cup Honorary Committee. said member Maximiliano Maccarone.

“Participating in this event, typical of the international ice cream elite, is an opportunity to continue to strengthen ourselves as experts in the field of training and learning,” he added.

Argentina participating in the World Cup

  • Eduardo Zacharias He is 54 years old and from Coronel Brandsen (Buenos Aires). As he is the current Latin American champion of artisanal ice cream, he will be the coordinator and promoter of the national team.
  • Alberto Alegre42 years old and from the city of Buenos Aires, specializes in artistic chocolate and his role in the team is as a chocolate texture sculptor.
  • Corinna Gambon, 37 years old and originally from Pontevedra (Buenos Aires). He is a professional pastry chef and will be working on the chocolate sculpture challenge within the competition.
  • Reuben Torrey50 years old and from the city of Buenos Aires, is a chef, teacher and food consultant, and he is responsible for ice sculpture work and delicious food.
  • Santiago Nieto40 years old and from San Juan, a master ice cream maker and his role in the team is making and designing ice cream.

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