February 27, 2024

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Who are the two Israeli hostages released by Hamas this Thursday after the ceasefire was extended?

Who are the two Israeli hostages released by Hamas this Thursday after the ceasefire was extended?
Mia Schem and Amit Susanna

The Hamas terror group freed two Israeli hostages in Gaza on Thursday afternoon, and the abductees awaited their release today, in an unusual daylight delivery.

Both have been released Mia Scheme21 years of age, and Amit Susana40.

Schem was abducted on October 7 while at a border party in Gaza where Palestinian terrorists carried out a mass massacre. Haaretz They talk about 360 deaths.

was about Hamas is the first hostage to send a videoA few days after the October 7 attack.

The Hamas terrorist group has released a video of an Israeli hostage, the first evidence of the life of a captive in Gaza.

The images showed her with a wounded hand and demanding Israel’s release.

“They are taking care of me, giving me medicine. I am only asking my family, my parents, my brothers to take me home as soon as possible. Please get me out of here as soon as possible,” the hostage said in the recording, while a health worker rolled a bandage around her. .

As she explained, she suffered a “severe injury to her hand” during the abduction and was taken by the terrorists to Gaza, where she was treated for three hours for her injury, she said.

For its part, Susanna A lawyer, he was a resident there Kibbutz Kaffer AsaAn Israeli community and neighboring Gaza, where it was Abducted while hiding in his house.

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As you know, that day He was at home with a fever. His family said The Times of Israel That He sent a message to them that he heard gunshots and was going to hide in his safe room.. They had no news until three weeks later, when it was confirmed that she was one of the hostages.

With the release of these two women, 99 prisoners, including 75 Israelis and 24 foreigners, have been released from Gaza. As part of a prisoner-for-prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hamas, 210 Palestinian prisoners have also been released since last Friday. Almost all were women and minors on both sides.

The two hostages were handed over to the Red Cross, which transferred them to Israeli special forces “near the security fence with the Gaza Strip”, after which they are now in Israeli territory and on their way to the Hatcherim military base, in the Israeli Negev desert region.

“More hostages are expected to be handed over in the next few hours,” the military added this afternoon. According to news media, Hamas sent a list of ten captives, including eight Israelis and two with Russian-Israeli citizenship, as part of the ten daily hostages with Israeli citizenship that it is handing over as part of the ceasefire.

A list of 30 Palestinian prisoners expected to be released today includes eight women — all members of the Palestinian community with Israeli citizenship — and 22 minors, mostly in different West Bank governorates, Hamas announced.

All this comes on the seventh day of fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, which extended for another day this Thursday.

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(With information from EFE, AFP, AP)