February 24, 2024

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Kafir’s family asked Alberto Fernandez, Javier Mili and Mauricio Macri for help: “We appeal for dialogue”

Kafir’s family asked Alberto Fernandez, Javier Mili and Mauricio Macri for help: “We appeal for dialogue”

The Silberman Bipass family is looking for answers (Image: Reuters)

The Silberman Bipass family made a desperate plea to the outgoing government and president-elect this Thursday. Javier MTo find out what happened to Shiri and her young children, 4-year-old Ariel and 10-month-old Kafir, who Hamas declared dead in an Israeli bombardment today.

Romina MiasnikThe little Kafir’s aunt, spoke with TN And said these are important days. “We need to know if they are alive and intelligently calling the current president (Alberto Fernández) or the incoming (Miley) contacts. Even (former president Mauricio) Macri took a photo with one of the representatives of Qatar” (Prime Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, of the current ceasefire in Gaza (one of the negotiators),” he said.

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“We appeal to them for dialogue. “My cousin (Shiri Silberman Bibas) along with her two children and her spouse (Yordan) were found 50 days ago, without knowing anything, and today we got the information that they are not alive,” he pointed out.

Little Kaffir’s aunt’s despair: “We’re looking for them”

Miasnik asked himself “what do they have to tell us?” If they are alive somewhere in the Gaza Strip. “The president, the president (Santiago Cafiero), Macri, whoever calls, has my phone in their hands. We are looking for them. “They have Argentine passports,” he said.

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In that sense, he said, authorities should “appeal to this intellectual negotiation” and cited the case of Russia, whose government has already achieved the release of three of its citizens these days. “Putin, I don’t know what he did today to free two Russian hostages. I ask Argentina for the same,” he said.

Argentinian Shiri Silberman Bibas and her children Ariel and Kafir at the time of the kidnapping (Photo: Ynet)

Since last Friday, Hamas Frees 9 Argentine Hostages.

Miasnik said Foreign Ministry officials contacted the family after the abduction. “We take care of looking for them. We got a good response, a little enlarged, but no information. They say it’s too little. I don’t know the strategies. “I believe they represent us in the best way,” he said.

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In addition, he was distraught after Hamas announced the death of his cousin and her two young children. “I don’t know how to explain the feeling we feel today. Anyone who can negotiate please contact us. “I know it’s hard,” he concluded.