April 22, 2024

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Who was American Jacob Flickinger who died in Gaza during the attack on World Central Kitchen?

Who was American Jacob Flickinger who died in Gaza during the attack on World Central Kitchen?
Jacob Flickinger, World Center kitchen worker, with his partner Sandy Leclerc and their son. (John Flickinger)

The Seven aid workers killed in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza The world reverberated, with friends and family grieving the loss They provided food to the Palestinians Besieged as part of the trust World Central Kitchen.

He was the team leader Jacob Flickingerof 33 yearsWith dual citizenship of USA and Canada.

Jacob's death on Monday was the first time an American has been killed in Gaza by Israeli security forces since the war began on October 7, following a Hamas attack on Israel. At least 21 American citizens who served in the IDF also died in Gaza.

Flickinger traveled to the Gaza Strip three weeks ago Distribute food with the World Central Kitchen and I was scheduled to leave this weekendAs his father John told the newspaper The Washington Post.

“He is a good man”said his father. ““He did what he loved, he loved to serve and help others.”.

Jacob Flickinger was born and spent most of his childhood here St. George'sA small town QuebecSon of Canadian mother and American father.

Flickinger spent almost A decade in the Canadian Armed Forces and served for a time AfghanistanHe worked there KandaharHis father said Mail.

After leaving the army in 2019, he met his partner. Sandy Leclerc, A son was born to them. The couple went Costa RicaFlickinger started a business as a fitness trainer.

Jacob Flickinger is 33 years old. (AP via World Central Kitchen/WCK.org)

To support his family, he started looking for other opportunities, according to his father. His first collaboration World Central Kitchen Last November, he spent a month Mexico After a major hurricane passes through.

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When a friend told him about WCK mobilizing in Gaza, He volunteered to help distribute food items that had arrived by sea.

The job combined the skills he learned in the military with his desire to help, his father said.

“Women and children starve to death, it's in the news every day”John explained to Flickinger Mail. “He felt he could make a small difference.”

John described his son as a loyal friend.Even as a child he tended to protect the weak and stand up against aggressors.

When Jacob traveled to the Gaza Strip three weeks ago, Jacob asked his father to tell his mother he was in Cyprus. I don't want him to worry. They last spoke on Sunday. They wished each other Easter. That was their last conversation.

To support Jacob's partner and their 18-month-old son, John and Jacob's friend started a fundraiser.

“I want to tell your story”said John Mail Tears. In war, “mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, survivors of madness suffer.”

Besides Flickinger, three British citizens, an Australian, a Pole and a Palestinian were also killed in the Israeli attack. (AP via World Central Kitchen/WCK.org)

After the event, the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Melanie JolieA thorough investigation has been called for and said in a post “Totally unacceptable”.

Speaking in Brussels on Wednesday ahead of a NATO meeting, he reiterated his call for an investigation and noted that he had been in contact with the Israeli foreign minister.

“Israel must respect humanitarian law, and we will ensure that it does.”” he added.

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In addition FlickerAlso in attack died Three British citizens, one Australian, one Polish and one Palestinian. Some have traveled the world and participated in relief efforts after wars, earthquakes, and forest fires.