May 22, 2024

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Will “Bluey” end? Parents panic over 'The Sign' episode.

Will “Bluey” end?  Parents panic over 'The Sign' episode.


Reports of “Bluey's” demise are a bit premature.

Rumors that the animated children's series is coming to an end have worried parents around the world — and were fueled by the massive 28-minute third season finale, “The Sign,” which could have been interpreted as closing a chapter in a child's life Little. Blue Heeler dog and her family.

After all, a typical “Bluey” episode lasts seven to nine minutes.

Bluey (left) and his friends in the Season 3 finale, a 28-minute episode titled “The Sign.” YouTube/Disney Junior

But 'Bluey' producer Sam Moore spoke out about the speculation with BBC Radio 4.

“It's the question on everyone's lips. No, this isn't the end of Bluey.” According to parents. “I'm sure we have many surprises in store for you.”

The show's executive producer, Daley Pearson, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that the season finale was a “trial run” to see if viewers liked the longer length.

today's show”. It was reported that the show's spokesperson “twice confirmed” to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that they had “no plans to end the show”.

The Australian series, created by Joe Brumm and based on his own family's experiences, premiered in 2018 and airs on Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney+.

It centers around Bluey, her younger brother Bingo, and her parents Chilli and Bandit, who occasionally argue (the issue is always resolved, of course, in a subtle way).

“Bluey,” which was produced in Australia, premiered in 2018 and follows the adventures of a Blue Heeler and her family. Disney+

The series' mission is to teach parents how to play with their children based on everyday events, and it has been praised for its creativity and ingenuity in achieving these goals.

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There are no car chases or villains, and some episodes take place in one location.

Each episode also promotes creativity and imagination as well as lessons about teamwork, communication and the importance of family, according to parents.

The series has attracted top-tier voice talent including Natalie Portman, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Rose Byrne, Joel Edgerton, and Eva Mendes, and the show has spawned a cottage trade industry including books, bedding, and plush toys.

Bluey with her parents Chili and Bandit and her sister Bingo. Teaches parents how to interact better with their children. Disney+

So why does all the hysteria surrounding the show end?

In the episode, Bluey tells her teacher Calypso about her fears that her family might move. (The episode's title refers to the “For Sale” sign in front of the Heller house.)

Calypso then reads to the class a story about a farmer who has many ups and downs in life. After all the suffering, people ask the farmer: “Is this a good thing or a bad thing?”

The farmer replies: We will see.

“Is that it? What happened next?” Bluey's classmates ask – while Bluey wants to know if “we'll see” a happy or sad ending.

Her teacher Calypso replies: “Everything's going to go the way it's supposed to, Bluey” — and it's these words that send the show's viewers into a state of panic.

Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, Chilli, and the extended Heeler family also celebrated the wedding of Bandit's brother Radley to Frisky during the April 14 episode.

In a collection of parent reactions I collected ForbesA mother named Kelly Crawford said the special was the first piece of media that made her cry. According to people.

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Bluey and Bingo play with their pod Kimjim in an episode of “Bluey.” Disney+

“My daughter actually admitted that it made her cry and I've never known her to get emotional in movies or TV,” Crawford said. “She watched it at 8 a.m. and then she forced me and her dad to watch it too because she was going off talking about it to someone.”

Another “Bluey” fan named Sam Gavin wrote on

“My therapist won't know what's wrong with her,” he continued. “Exciting TV. No I'm not kidding. Bandit & Chilli are parenting goals. I love these characters so much. F-k, man…”

the Scary Mommy website He interviews the actors who play Chilli and Bandit, Melanie Zanetti and Dave McCormack, about the future of the series.

“Bluey” has attracted many celebrity fans, including “Grey's Anatomy” star Kevin McKidd, here with his wife, Danielle Savre, and their children at the Los Angeles premiere of the season finale, “The Sign.” Getty Images

“As far as we know, it's just the end of the season. No one is telling us anything, but that's what we've been told so far,” Zanetti said.

“It's just the end of the season… We didn't even know how the second half of The Sign was going to end.”

According to parents, The writers of “Bluey” always intended to take a break after the third season.

It's also not the first time that the “Bluey” series has been rumored to be ending. In 2022, the show's creators turned to social media to ensure that if there was something they needed to know, they would hear it from them first “in real life.”

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