September 29, 2023

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WWE Matt Riddle JFK sexual assault claim leads to internal investigation

WWE Matt Riddle JFK sexual assault claim leads to internal investigation

Exclusive details

Matt Riddle of WWE

JFK sexual assault claim

It sparks an internal investigation

Matt Riddle He claimed a New York City airport cop sexually assaulted him during a confrontation — and while he appears to have taken it back, an investigation is now underway … TMZ has learned.

The WWE wrestling star posted a shocking claim on Sunday, taking to IG to throw up a photo of a Port Authority Police officer at JFK Airport… and attaching a scathing caption. He claims he was touched inappropriately by this cop but doesn’t go into many details.

What he’s saying is that he told this officer “no,” but he claims the man proceeded to do something inappropriate to him anyway. It is worth noting that Riddle has since deleted the IG post.

Now, as to what led up to this and what exactly happened… we have some answers. Law enforcement sources tell us Port Authority officers received a phone call about a disorderly person getting off the plane, and they met him at the terminal. As it turns out, this was Riddle.

We’re told the cops spoke to MR – as well as other witnesses – and he seemed apologetic at that moment. No police report was made, and everyone was free to go without incident.

That’s why our sources say the Port Authority was shocked by Riedel’s claim… in their view nothing had happened to justify such an accusation. However, we’re told management is taking his allegation seriously… and an internal investigation has been launched.

The last thing Riddle said about this wasn’t great. “I finally left JFK and I don’t want to come back here again,” he says.

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