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WWE Raw results, summary and scores: Seth Rollins takes on Cody Rhodes with a brutal attack

WWE Raw results, summary and scores: Seth Rollins takes on Cody Rhodes with a brutal attack

One night after pay-per-view Hell in a Cell, he brought WWE Raw to Green Bay, Wisconsin. It’s been a fairly laden show in terms of big developments as the July Money in the Bank event begins building.

The main storyline that came out of the event was Cody Rhodes being written off television after a brutal attack by Seth Rollins. Rhodes had a ruptured pectoral tendon and needed surgery to fix the injury, so moving a story was necessary to allow him to walk away for an indefinite period of time.

CBS Sports was with you all night with summaries and highlights from the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Seth Rollins injured Cody Rhodes

Rhodes opened the show with an in-ring promo after a video package covering his match with Rollins in Hell in a Cell. Rhodes next cut an emotional promo about his love for what he’s doing and his willingness to work through his torn pectoral tendon at the event. Rhodes said he was “a little troubled” but suggested he might try to get back in the ring in time for Money in the Bank. Rollins then interrupted Rhodes’ show and said that while he didn’t love Rhodes, he respected him, and even shook Rhodes’ hand before leaving the ring, though not before telling Rhodes that Dusty Rhodes would be proud of his little boy.

Then, like true heels, Rollins attacked Rhodes from behind as Rhodes was walking down the entrance ramp. After hitting Rhodes with a sledgehammer, Rollins tore his opponent’s shirt before stepping on his injured chest. She offered Rhodes a stretcher on her back, but she refused and walked away.

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It’s a little funny that Rhodes was offered a stretcher after his already injured chest was attacked and it wouldn’t have any effect on his ability to walk. But this is wrestling for you. WWE made two good deflections a day with this clip and The Judgment Day violently kicked Edge out of their group (see below). This is unusual from the WWE writers’ room. Rather than send Rhodes to undergo surgery positively as they suggested, they have allowed Rollins to gain some momentum he can use as WWE looks to tackle a very thin high end of their roster. For the success of this angle and doomsday clip, this was a fairly solid episode of Raw in terms of pure storytelling. Grade: A-

What else happened on WWE Raw?

  • 24/7 Championship – Dana Brooke (c) defeated. Becky Lynch via installation With help from Asuka. Lynch yelled at Reiji and Akira Tozawa before the match, saying her matches no longer involved outside interference. This, of course, resulted in Asuka eventually making her way to ringside and holding Lynch’s foot so she couldn’t get off Brooke’s pin.
  • Countryman Riddle. Feature via installation with RKO. The match together came after the pair argued when Riddell appeared on Miz TV and the Miz refused to accept the match. After Ciampa attacked Riddle, The Miz quickly agreed to the match only to lose after Riddle stripped him of the tuxedo the Miz had been wearing to celebrate the first season of his reality show.
  • Street Profits defeated. Usos by counting In the opponent’s match for the champion. The protracted match ended after a series of outward dives by both teams allowed Profits to beat Usos back into the ring for victory.
  • Veer Mahan Dev. Dominic Mysterio by disqualification After the intervention of Rey Mysterio. Mahan was in control of the action when Mysterio saw enough and intervened to save his son from further punishment.
  • Finn Balor joined The Judgment Day before the group turned to Edge. Balor said he spoke to Damien Priest after the six-person ticket in Hell in a Dungeon and saw the light. The priest agreed before saying that Edge had taught them to let go of their weaknesses and limitations – and that their biggest limitation was Edge. Then Bálor, Priest, and Rhea brutally attack Ripley’s Edge, using chairs, tables and big moves to set up the legend.
  • Omos def. Cedric Alexander via installation After a bomb explodes seconds after the match starts.
  • Ezekiel def. Otis via installation with the cross. After the match, Ezekiel challenged Owens to a rematch from Hell in the Dungeon. Owens agreed as long as Ezekiel admitted he was indeed Elias, which Ezekiel did. Once Owens said the rematch had begun, Ezekiel said he took a page from Owens’ playbook and lied. And he said, He is Ezekiel, not Elijah.
  • Rhea Ripley def. Doddrop, Liv Morgan and Alexa Bliss via installation With Riptide on Doudrop. With the win in the main event, Ripley gets a chance at Bianca Belair and the Raw Women’s Championship at Money in the Bank
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