May 22, 2024

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Yulia Navalnaya Receives Dresden Peace Prize, Awarded Posthumously to Alexei Navalny: “Putin Never Stops, Putin Is a War”

Yulia Navalnaya Receives Dresden Peace Prize, Awarded Posthumously to Alexei Navalny: “Putin Never Stops, Putin Is a War”
Yulia Navalnaya, widow of the late Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, speaks as she receives the “Tresden Peace Prize 2024” (REUTERS/Lisi Niesner).

Yulia Navalnayawidow Alexei NavalnyCollected this Sunday Dresden Peace PrizeIt was awarded posthumously to the Russian dissident who died in February in the Arctic prison where he was serving his sentence.

Award received by the Soviet leader in the past Mikhail GorbachevConductor of the Orchestra Daniel Barenboim or Spanish surgeon Christina Marin fieldsIndividuals who make a contribution are awarded according to the organizers A “better and more peaceful” world.

In this edition, Navalny represents “opposition against the Russian government’s policy against human dignity.” and “Countless people defending freedom and democracy in Russia have been detained or killed.

The enemy became the “biggest threat” to the Russian president Vladimir Putin and its political system and is an “inspiring example for all human rights defenders”. It continues their activities,” the organization said in a statement.

“You can’t agree with Putin on anything. You can’t believe a word he says, he never stops. Putin is a warrior,” Navalnaya said (REUTERS/Lisi Niesner).

Upon receiving the award, Navalnaya gave a speech in which he warned the West against making deals with Putin.

“I hear a lot of politicians in the West saying more and more that you have to agree with Putin, you have to listen to him. I see some European diplomats at Putin’s recent inauguration and I can’t keep quiet.” I will always do it until,” he said. “You can’t agree on anything with Putin. You can’t believe a word he says, and he never stops. Putin is a war.”

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Navalnaya recalled her husband’s work as leader of the Russian opposition and spoke of the challenge posed by dissidents to challenge the Kremlin.

“Words have different values ​​depending on where and when they are said. It’s easy for you and me to say, in a comfortable and beautiful room, that we are against war. It is difficult for those in Russia. You can go to jail for saying that. If you are already in prison, a punishment cell, hunger, torture, a new punishment and sometimes even death await you. But Alexey talked about it anyway. “He paid the highest price to be asked.”

“In a comfortable and beautiful room, it’s easy for you and me to say we’re against war. It’s hard for people in Russia. They can go to jail for saying that,” Navalnaya said (REUTERS/Lisi Niesner).

“Their sacrifices, lest their sacrifices be in vain It is not for nothing that Putin has detained thousands of Russians in anti-war demonstrations and hundreds of political prisoners in torturous conditions.“Finally, the world needs to rid itself of false beliefs and listen to those who have warned of the danger all these years,” he said.

Awarded to Navalnaya Former German President Joachim CockIt highlights the charisma of an opposition leader who has been able to bring tens of thousands of people into the streets to demonstrate and challenge the Kremlin through unorthodox methods over the years.

“We need the memory of this selfless and almost inhumanly brave man, it shows us that there can be another Russia,” Gauck said. “Alexei Navalny’s life’s work is a monument. As we have heard many times, he is an example to all who believe in the freedom and dignity of the people of Russia. We will never forget that,” he said.

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During the ceremony, the request for death Navalny The work of the Russian composer Sergei Nevsky.

On the day of the inauguration of the Russian president for the fifth term (REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov/file)

After the death of her husband, a key opponent of the Kremlin, Navalnaya assumed leadership of the Russian oppositionbecame a powerful voice against Vladimir Putin’s abuses.

He alleged last Tuesday Putin “Liar, Thief, Murderer”On the same day the President was inaugurated for the fifth term.

“Our country is run by a liar, a thief and a murderer. But this will undoubtedly endNavalnaya declared.

With Putin “at the helm, there will be no peace, no development, no freedom in our country.”“Added the opponent in his video message posted on social networks.

“This war is bloody and pointless and nobody but Putin wants it.”He was referring to the Russian military offensive against Ukraine.

“With each of his terms, the situation worsens and it is terrifying to imagine what will happen when Putin is in power.He added, citing “hundreds of political prisoners enduring inhumane conditions in Russia.”

Navalnaya, his supporters and numerous foreign leaders have blamed the Russian president Navalny was killed, who served a long prison term for “extremism”. The Kremlin denies the allegations.

(With information from EFE and AFP)