February 28, 2024

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Princess Mako left the imperial family of Japan after marrying a commoner

Princess Mako of Japan ended her marriage to Kei Komuro after years of controversy

Princess Mako of Japan officially ceased to be part of the country’s imperial family after marrying Kei Komuro on Tuesday., A university colleague who does not belong to the upper community.

Japanese radio television points out that the Imperial House of Japan submitted the documents required by the couple to register their marriage before the municipal government this Tuesday. NHK.

Marriage is not governed by a traditional imperial ceremony, it is reserved for family members because with this union Mako has certified his departure from the Japanese high society.

The two will appear in front of fifty media throughout the day at a hotel in Tokyo Journalists are asked to send their questions in advance.

Mako, the eldest daughter-in-law of current Emperor Naruhito and the eldest daughter of Crown Prince Fumihito, has finally ended years of tension with Komuro.

One of the points of contention was the dispute between Komuro’s mother and her elderly fianc over money used for the boy’s education. The affair dominated the Japanese tabloid press, which initially led to the postponement of the planned wedding date to 2018.

In April, Comoro released a statement to correct misconceptions among the public about his mother’s financial situation. Shortly after the report was released, Comoro offered to pay his mother’s ex-wife in an attempt to resolve the currency dispute.

People protest against the wedding of Princess Mako of Japan
People protest against the wedding of Princess Mako of Japan

The intrinsic conditions of marriage are included in this case because with the attachment, Mako had to leave the Imperial Court, and it finally happened.

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Although the princess was entitled to a substantial sum of money for her departure – more than a million dollars – Mako renounced the dowry in order to avoid inciting popular hostility, unprecedented in post-war Japanese history.

Also, in early October, the Imperial Household Office issued a statement stating that the princess had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder due to repeated public criticism.

When the couple got engaged four years ago, everything was a shy laugh. Komuro described Mako as the “moon” who guarded him wisely, and she compared his smile to the sun.

But As the press began to examine Komuro’s past, reports emerged that his mother had failed to repay a loan of 4 million yen ($ 35,000) to an ex-fiance.

The controversy, still unresolved, caused a scandal in Japan, where impeccable behavior was expected from members of the imperial family.

Much of the media attention to the recently acknowledged imperialist agency, Mako, caused a complex post-traumatic stress disorder.

Princess Mako of Japan left her home to get married
Princess Mako of Japan left her home to get married

The couple delayed their marriage and Komuro moved to New York to study law in 2018, which was interpreted as an attempt to escape from the press.

The latest graduate returned to Japan last month and did a new hairstyle with a small ponytail.

Despite this bad news, in the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper poll, half of those who voted approved the link, with 33% against.

Around the imperial residence, passers-by looked at him favorably. “The most important thing is that she is happy,” said Machiko Yoshimoto, 60.

“It would have been nice to have a more festive atmosphere instead of this difficult situation of sadness and misery.”Shikehiro Hashimoto, 54 said.

Japan opposes Princess Mako's marriage
Japan opposes Princess Mako’s marriage

It is speculated that the couple is planning to move to the United States. This sparked comparisons with another royal couple: Prince Harry of England and his wife Megan Markle.

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It is not yet clear whether former Princess Mako will work there, although qualifications are low. He studied art and cultural heritage at Tokyo International Christian University, where he met Komuro, and spent a year in Edinburgh.

He holds an MA in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester (UK).

The Japanese throne is inherited only by the male members of the family. The children of women who married commoners are excluded from the line of heirs.

There have been discussions about changing these rules, and even the government committee has raised the issue, but the road seems to be long due to fierce opposition from conservatives who reject the chance for a woman to ascend the throne.

Mako left his residential palace just after 10 a.m. local time, wearing a classic light blue dress and pearl necklace, and was fired by his parents, Akishino Crown Princes Fumihito and Kiko, and his younger sister Kago.

As the Imperial Agency announced earlier this month, intensive media research and criticism from some social sectors against Mako and her husband has also affected the post-princess depression syndrome.

(With information from Europa Press, AFP and EFE)

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