September 26, 2023

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Zelensky details Russian attack that killed humanitarian workers: “They bombed a volunteer car with an anti-tank missile”

Zelensky details Russian attack that killed humanitarian workers: “They bombed a volunteer car with an anti-tank missile”
Imma Igual helps an elderly woman working in Ukraine in 2022. Road to Relief (Instagram)

President of Ukraine Volodymyr ZelenskyI remembered today Emma Igual, Assistant Staff Member of Spain, With died this weekend Canadian Anthony Ihnat In a Russian attack, and He explained that the humanitarian workers’ vehicle was hit by an anti-tank missile.

“Today Chasiv is near the city of Yar, in the region Donetsk, Russian terrorists attacked the volunteers’ car. Direct impact of an anti-tank missile system,” Zelensky told the nation in his daily address.

“At this time it is certain that Canadian Anthony Ihnat is dead. Unfortunately, the Spanish Emma Igual may have died. My condolences to the family,” the Ukrainian president added.

Spanish authorities have confirmed the death of a Spanish aid worker in Ukraine, although they have not released his identity.

Two other injured volunteers, a German and a Swede, were also traveling in the hit vehicle. Zelensky said in his speech that Chasiv was transferred to a hospital in the city of Dnipro, 700 kilometers northwest of Yar.

“This Russian attack reaffirms how close this war against Ukraine is to those who truly value human life and consider it humanity’s moral duty to stop terrorism and defeat evil,” Zelensky declared.

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Aid workers had left Sloviansk and were en route to Pakmut to assess the needs of civilians “trapped in the crosshairs” in the town of Ivanivsk.

“All necessary information is currently being collected and we are cooperating with both the army and the police to resolve all the issues of concern,” the NGO said. Pedro Sánchez, the president of the Spanish government, showed his support to Emma Igual’s family. “Humanitarian workers and civilians can never be targets of war,” he wrote on the social network X, formerly known as Twitter.

Igual, 32, was the director of Road to Relief. He co-founded it with a Frenchman named Henri Camenon in March 2022, days after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Spanish aid worker Inma Igual in a picture shared by the NGO Road to Relief. Road to Relief (Instagram)

According to Spanish media, Raised in Barcelona. In an interview Jewish Chronicle Published in July, he said His Jewish grandmother survived the Holocaust in Austria at a young age and was adopted by a family in Spain. After losing his entire family in concentration camps.

“I grew up with that background, feeling what it’s like to be a refugee or an orphan, so I felt determined to help people in similar situations,” he told the newspaper.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez offered his condolences to Igual’s family and friends, in a message posted on X, previously Twitter, saying, “Humanitarian workers and civilians can never be the target of war.” “Spain stands with our aid workers, who with their dedication risk their lives to help others,” he added.

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Canada’s foreign affairs ministry confirmed the death of one citizen, but did not provide further details. “Our hearts go out to his family and loved ones during these difficult times,” he announced.

German medical volunteer Ruben Mavik and Swedish volunteer Johan Matthias Thier were “seriously injured with lacerations and burns, but are now stable at separate hospitals from the scene,” Road to Relief said.

Thyr, 34, told Swedish newspaper Expressen that a “suicide drone” struck the vehicle. He said he believes the drone may have targeted the driver, but the car was a British car and the driver’s seat was on the right side.

“We crashed and it burst into flames. The soldiers who took us to the hospital helped us,” Thayer told the newspaper from his bed in a Dnipro hospital where he is being treated for burns.

Volunteers were on their way to assess the needs of civilians on the outskirts of Pakmut, Road to Relief said.

The Battle of Pakmut, captured by Russian forces in May, has been one of the bloodiest of the invasion, with Ukrainian forces now retreating to the north and south of the city.