June 25, 2024

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20 thousand cases and more than 100 deaths in a single day

With an increase of 8,000 cases in just 24 hours, 20,497 corona virus infections and 118 deaths were recorded daily in Italy this Friday. On Thursday, deaths were 79. Data exacerbate the slow but steady growth of the epidemic.

The prognosis of an increase in the rate of infections can be implemented At the end of the year an average of 30 thousand cases daily.

The number of critically ill patients in intensive care increased to 816, still below the first warning level, with 10% occupancy in special beds. In the general inpatient area, the number of patients has increased by 150, bringing the total number of hospital admissions nationwide to 6,483.

about this Maximum amount from March 3rd Recent. The death toll this Friday has risen to 134,669 since the outbreak began.

An official spokesman said there were already 26 cases of infection of the new Omigron variant in Italy, which is more contagious than the Delta, which dominates the peninsula 97%.

The Vanito area was the primary with 3,993 victims. Behind Lombardy, the capital of Milan, 3474 people are affected daily, while in Lazio (Rome) 1871 people are affected.

A Milan police officer tells a woman to put on a cinstrap. Photo: ANSA

One hundred million vaccines were used

The population of Italy on Thursday exceeded one hundred million vaccines. 84.93% of Italians over 12 years of age received two doses of the vaccine and 17.46% had already received it. Booster shot.

Recent data raise the alarm. New vaccination campaigns have raised the daily rate to half a million vaccines, but are completely unsafe and have not received more than 6.3 million Italians. They are resistant to the vaccine.

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The government has expanded the number of vaccination centers, which now number nearly 2,500, and now plans to deliver more than four million people within the first days of January, especially the third booster dose.

Italy is in a better position than its European neighbors. In Germany, France And infection rates are high in Great Britain. But black silver, as various media outlets baptized this December 10th, shows that Italy cannot escape. The general worsening of the epidemic in Europe.

Special alert

The negative evolution of the fourth wave begins to destroy the health system. The Italian Emergency Medical Association, which consists of first aid doctors, issued a warning.

One of its leaders said the situation at the national level was not yet dramatic, but that if the current rhythm continued, it would be difficult to admit only 24% of patients due to infections and the number of people not vaccinated in hospitals.

Donado Simiu, head of emergency physicians, declared that “the system is beginning to collapse and we are wondering what should happen so that anyone who can intervene in emergency and extraordinary activities will know what is going on.”

Before the advent of the Omigron variant, Italy was using third-dose vaccines.  Photo: REUTERS

Before the advent of the Omigron variant, Italy was using third-dose vaccines. Photo: REUTERS

In the northeastern regions of Italy, near the borders of Austria and Slovenia, there is a complete emergency, the greatest development of the epidemic has been noted. In Veneto, nearly 4,000 (3,993) people have been affected, bringing the number of cases to 544,000 since the outbreak began in February 2020.

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The government fought against more than 6 million Italians who opposed the vaccine. Mandatory health pass Excludes that No vac Access to many public places.

Mandatory vaccination

Also imposed from next Thursday It is the duty of all physicians and nurses to vaccinate, To members of the police and military, and to public relations officers.

Those who are forced not to be vaccinated will be suspended from work without pay.

Austria and other countries have imposed compulsory vaccination. The Czech Republic will force everyone over the age of 60 to get a puncture to alleviate the condition in the health system.

Since February 1, the Austrian government has announced that anyone over the age of 60 who refuses to be vaccinated will have to pay a fine of 600 euros every three months. Anyone who does not pay will face an additional fine of 3,600 euros.

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Continental Corona virus

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In Greece, those over the age of 60 who do not get vaccinated are fined hundreds of dollars a month. Britain introduces compulsory vaccine for health workers. Poland will punish No vacs Law enforcement and school staff.

Despite the high number of vaccines, Italy fears that with the peak of the epidemic, it will find itself in the same situation as Great Britain.

In February, a more vulnerable window may open because those more than 6.3 million who are not allowed to be vaccinated could add an audience of 20 million Italians, leaving them without protection. Loss of efficacy of the first two drugs, Although the government plans to increase the third supply.

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This scene makes us think January and February are two important months According to some statistical estimates, due to the potential increase in insecurity and worsening of the disease.

Winters are cold and during these months the country experiences very unstable climatic conditions, which is favorable for the action of the virus.

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