April 13, 2024

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Alert in Iceland: New volcano erupts on Reykjanes peninsula

Alert in Iceland: New volcano erupts on Reykjanes peninsula
Volcano erupts in Iceland: fourth case since December (X: @ita_dc)

Meteorological Office Iceland Confirmed this Saturday The volcano erupted In Reykjanes Peninsula, a new crack product in structure. Minutes later, videos of the moment the lava erupted began to circulate on social networks.

“A volcanic eruption has started between Stora Skogfell and Hagafell on the Reykjanes peninsula,” says a statement signed by the meteorological agency, which a few minutes ago had already issued a warning of a high probability of an eruption based on recent activity. .

Immediately, the National Department of Civil Defense and Emergency Management closely monitored the incidents and dispatched a helicopter to the area to determine the location of the new fissure. At the same time, the authorities started Discharge From the fishing town GrindavikNeighbors had already received messages on their phones and were ready to leave their homes.

Flames and smoke engulf the sky over the Reykjanes peninsula (X: @LavaCentre)

Police announced Emergency In the area, leave all local services alert. Also, the Blue Lagoon Luxury Spa has announced the immediate closure of its facilities, as it has done on previous occasions. “We have evacuated and temporarily closed all our operational units. We will be closed until Sunday, March 17th. As we have more information, we will update it,” a release on its website noted.

It already is Fourth explosion In the region from December. Residents of Grindavik, approximately 4,000 people, returned home on February 19 after months of evacuation. On November 11, a new warning forced authorities to evacuate the city as a precaution. The severe tremors first damaged buildings and opened large cracks in the roads, from which steam escaped. Finally, on December 18, it all ended in a volcanic eruption that, fortunately, did not affect the city.

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Then, in January, there was another fissure, right on the city's border, which gave way Lava flows through the streets and incinerates three houses. A third split occurred on February 8 near the village.

In January, a series of earthquakes near Grindavik triggered a new volcanic eruption.

However, these recurring episodes are not common on the Reykjanes Peninsula, where no eruptions have been observed in eight centuries until March 2021. Since then, there have already been seven eruptions.

Now, volcanologists believe this new wave could be the start of a new era of seismic activity in the region. President Gutney Johansson even made the comment in a televised speech in January “Invigorating Period of Unrest Begins on Reykjanes Peninsula”A long-dormant volcanic system has risen.

Iceland, which is about the size of the US state of Kentucky, has more than 30 active volcanoes, and is therefore one of the most popular northern European islands for adventure tourists.

(With information from AFP)