February 22, 2024

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Julian Assange: A British judge has ruled in favor of deporting WikiLeaks founder to the United States.

The United States’ appeal was upheld by the London High Court on Friday Against the British decision not to deport to that country Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder whom Washington wants to prosecute for leaking classified documents.

“The court accepts the appeal,” Judge Timothy Holroyd said In front of a room full of strong media anticipation of the case. The first magistrate in January ruled that Assange was at risk of suicide if he was deported, but now the case needs to be re-analyzed.

Now The US government may Assange tries to deport again, He has been incarcerated in London since his arrest at the Ecuadorian embassy in 2019 and is to be questioned for spying.

Washington wants to determine who is the founder of WikiLeaks’ leaked website About 700,000 secret diplomatic and military documents were released in 2010, Primarily related to the US-led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Judicial proceedings against Assange

In the first case, Judge Vanessa Baritzer restrained her deportation in January, Assange’s mental health seems to be weak. He was at risk of committing suicide if he was transferred to the U.S. Department of Justice.

But still Washington’s lawyers have appealed the decision And in October, they argued that Fritz did not give enough importance to other expert testimonies about the prisoner’s mental state. Even 50-year-old Australian promises court he will not be sentenced to solitary confinement in a federal maximum security prisonAlso, he will be given proper treatment.

This Friday, the Court of Appeal in London agreed with them, Repealing the previous sentence, “The United States has now issued a set of guarantees in response to specific decisions for the United Kingdom.”

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On a date not yet determined, the case will now be re-triedR. Assange’s wife, lawyer Stella Morris, has announced she will appeal the new court ruling.

Freedom of expression is at stake

Asakney has become the case An exemplary reason Defenders of freedom of expression. WikiLeaks, like other media outlets, argues that it has the right to release classified material, If it is in the public interest.

But still The U.S. government, which has indicted him on 18 charges, including espionage, says Assange is not a journalist but a hacker. Publishing documents without any filter can endanger the lives of their informants.

If he is deported, tried and convicted, The maximum sentence is 175 years in prison. Calculating the correct sentence can be difficult and minor.