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9 of the most amazing indie games for your Steam wishlist

9 of the most amazing indie games for your Steam wishlist

Hey sit back and hey it’s time for some Indiegeddon! This is where I completely divert my attention Kotaku With a staff on vacation grilling, and dominating the site with indie games that otherwise struggle to get coverage of major gaming sites. You, in turn, your wishlist buying all of these games, causing an all-out revolution within the industry that saw all AAA publishers ousted, and indie developers wealthy and in charge.

Here are the usual caveats: In the vast majority of cases, I haven’t played these games, and I can’t vouch for their quality. This is mostly because most of them are not out yet. I It exploded at the Indy Horn Over the weekend, we invite developers of unknown or unknown games to send me some details, so that we can give them a tip Kotaku shocked.

If you click the Steam “wishlist” button on projects you find interesting, you’re doing the developers a great favor: letting the Valve algorithm know about it. If you then buy the games as they come out, you change the world. With that in mind, let’s tackle the first batch.

A detailed history of chess

Repetition games

One of my favorite games is the mythology of chess, and A detailed history of chess Looking forward to doing it great. In fact, to quote its Steam page, “In true chess tradition, build castles, explore dungeons, farm turnips, and get checkmate from a tree.” He also promises that we can “find answers to dark chess questions, such as why the horse piece moves in an L shape.”

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This is a city-building strategy game, and a game that finally acknowledges its unspoken chess piece, the Ghost. It was just announced this month so no release date yet, but you can put it on your wish list already.

Developer: Repetition games

Outside: almost

Wish List: steam

Hopper’s house

Random game generator

I didn’t know how much I needed to game about being a sponge scrubber until I saw the trailer Hopper’s house. A game in which you can also play as a screwdriver. or an egg.

It’s about pushing these usually delicate things around the house, collecting keys and unlocking new areas. And it looks ridiculously charming, all created by a two-person team. The question is: can they resist getting rich with the Sponge Daddy DLC?

Developer: Random game generator

Outside: Late 2023

Wish List: steam

Where the birds sleep

Quiet little feet

A text adventure, with beautiful art, in which you play not as the main character but as his subconscious mind? OK! this Where the birds sleepan incredibly ambitious project, in which you try to influence the decisions of the “terrible smuggler, the vile and the ruthless”, though whether it’s for good or for evil is up to you.

What an absolutely fantastic premise, from a two-person developer with a great name: Quiet Little Feet. There is a demo on SteamWhere the writing and voice acting are great.

Developer: Quiet little feet

Outside: TBD

Wish List: steam


Mega Power Games

DepowerBall It is a four-player, single-screen team game where players vote for a combination of powers for each match, and then proceed to take them out on whoever wins.

The video above has some excellent shots of people playing it in real life, and the accompanying excitement and mood, which makes things look very convincing. This is due in large part to the fun of voting to strip powers from whoever wins a round, forcing people to adapt quickly.

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Developer: Mega Power Games

Outside: Late summer 2023

Wish List: steam

Turbo sloths

RainStyle Games

You know how to always go about how you want a version of Mario Kart This is set in an apocalyptic wasteland where you drive enormous steam buggies and violently destroy all other racers? Well, you can finally stop whining, because the contradiction in words Turbo sloths here.

With upgrades and boosters, you can turn your massive metal can into a racing machine, as well as a highly destructive machine. The game was released late last year, but despite a slew of positive reviews from players, it was completely ignored by the gaming press.

Developer: RainStyle Games

Outside: now

He buys: steam

Seiko Tales

Ace Entertainment

It’s not a real Indiegeddon until there is at least one farming sim. Here it comes in an unusually dramatic form Seiko TalesFarming game And Fight the threats of the ancient gods.

This is deep fantasy stuff, mainly inspired by Asian folk tales, but with some Western creatures like vampires in there as well. Dungeons, puzzles, and even multiplayer will feature side-by-side – you know – work on your farm.

Developer: Ace Entertainment

Outside: 2024

Wish List: steam

Salvus: Aries

Rosemilk Studio

After the success of last year’s Kickstarter, a romantic visual novel Salvus: Aries There is still a long way to go. That 2025 release date might make it sound like something to put aside, until you learn it’s there Already a show you can play right now.

Salvus: Aries It is an otome that kicks off with killing the game’s protagonist. It may sound somewhat depressing, but it seems that the afterlife will provide her with a lot of exciting opportunities. Oh, and she’s also a reaper now.

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Developer: Rosemilk Studio

Outside: First quarter 2025

Wish List: steam

Super Fantasy Kingdom

Super Fantasy Kingdom

You may not have wondered what might happen if you combined The Settlers with Vampire survivorsbut now I suggested you want to know. Super Fantasy Kingdom It is that playground, where you work to build your kingdom, between attacks by invaders. It’s a great idea, and the first example of a twist on against The look I’ve seen so far.

there Demo on Steam which has just been released, although no release date has been announced.

Developer: Freeze beer

Outside: TBD

Wish List: steam

Calligram Studio

The trailer above is just as well compelling to me. I love the art, I love the sounds, I love the voice acting, and I love the way you interact. In fact, there is another 20 minutes to watch via Alpha Beta Gameror you can run it yourself via the game’s introduction on Steam. Which I’m about to do, because that sounds like all I want.

Phoenix Springs is a dark adventure, seemingly deliberately light on details, but with an aesthetic that I want to use to decorate my home.

Developer: Calligram Studios

Outside: Summer 2023

Wish List: steam