May 21, 2024

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A controversial gesture by King Carlos III when an Afro-descendant follower wanted to greet him | Chronicle

A controversial gesture by King Carlos III when an Afro-descendant follower wanted to greet him |  Chronicle

the queen Isabel II He died on September 8 at his residence Balmoral At the age of 96 after a reign of 70 years. After his death, Charles of WalesHis eldest son, became the new king and adopted the name Charles III.

As the king is under the spotlight of the press, many events already add up and leave the king in a bad light. It was already in the last days Many unfortunate circumstances did not create a good reputation for the king.

On this occasion, King Carlos III greeted the frenzied crowd of the monastery, who were anxiously awaiting some word from him, “A Blessing” Or touch your hand for a few seconds.

As he did, the brand new king took a few moments to address the crowd of people who had been eagerly waiting for him.

However, in a video CNN Broadcasting the moment live, Carlos III takes a few long seconds to greet a woman and dedicate a few words to her, then avoids a black man who reaches out to greet him.

As if to avoid it, Raja turns his head to the other side and runs his hand to continue to greet the other worshipers in the crowd in the clip.

Other circumstances left the king in a bad way

As mentioned above, King has already used different episodes that got people talking. Within 48 hours, the representative of the crown experienced an embarrassing situation.

When exiting Cardiff CastleThe king approached a group to congratulate him, but after Isabel II’s death he was strongly questioned by one who criticized the high costs of the crown and royal ceremonies, paid for with taxpayers’ money.

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“While we struggle to heat our homes, we have to pay for their parade. The taxpayer pays for you, for what?”The man reprimanded the king, who quickly cut himself off and continued to greet those present.

A week ago, in a video circulating on the networks, the king could be seen getting irritated by a pen dripping ink on his hands during a function. Hillsborough Castle.

King Charles Expressing his frustration as the ink dripped from his pen And this is not the first time the man has shown his anger and revealed that he has little patience.

“Oh my god, I hate this (pen)!”When Carlos III gave the pen to his wife Camilla, after looking at the pen and cleaning his fingers, Stretcher warned: “Look, it’s leaking everywhere”.

Tabloids covering royal affairs must be eagerly waiting to see the king’s next chapter.