October 2, 2023

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A joint festival began at the port

A joint festival began at the port

The Community Festival, an iconic event that brings together diverse representatives and gives them the opportunity to share their customs and cultures with the community, began this afternoon at the port of Bahia Blanca.

Public can participate in this event which will be held from tomorrow Sunday 12th.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of typical dishes from the gastronomy of different communities, as well as musical performances and folk dance performances, among other attractions.

“I have been a part of the community festival for 23 years and it is always an honor and a joy to share with the people here,” he said. New. ElizabethBelongs to the Chilean community.

“It’s rich to be filled with the culture of other countries,” he added.

Elizabeth mentions her stand’s best products, the Chilean empanadas filled with meat and eggs; torn breeches; Cuchen and nicknamed husillos, a common dessert from the Chilean countryside.

Sylvia, a member of the Italian Society, expressed his joy in participating in the celebration and sharing his culture with the community. “The Italian association has a lot of history. We celebrate the Day of Immigrants and honor all our ancestors, those who one day decided to come to other countries and start a new life and bring all their culture with them,” he said.

“We all have immigrant ancestors. It brings us together and keeps us here,” he added.

Silvia also shared some Italian products offered to the public, such as margherita and pepperoni pizza, and cannoli, a typically Sicilian product with ricotta-based cream.

The event commemorates National Immigrant Day, the day the first Trilateral Order was issued to encourage people from all countries who wish to immigrate to our country, along with their families.

The highlight of each day will be a performance by local bands. Today, “White Sings to Italy and Spain” will be performed by Canzonetas Italianas and Flamenco. Tomorrow, the band “What’s Left” will take the stage.

“We are very happy to be able to participate because it gives us visibility and we can fraternize with other communities,” he said. AlbertoBelongs to the community of Valencia, Spain.

RichardFor his part, he said he was born in Valencia and was “honored to share its culture and cuisine”.

“It’s very important to get together with the rest of the community, it’s a little healthy camaraderie, something that’s needed,” he said.

The duo said their star product this time was the Valencian paella.

The star product is the Valencian paella.

Ana “The Cuban” He expressed his pride in representing his country and emphasized the importance of the holiday. “It is a very important party that represents the core of foreign communities and I have been a member of it since 2003. Since then, I have been participating non-stop,” he said.

“This is the epitome of what we have been working on all year. This festival is beautiful because one represents their land in all its expression, culturally and culinary,” he said.

And this time, apart from the Cuban sandwich made with pork, they will offer cocktails, smoothies, smoothies and milkshakes, he said.

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Oli“It is very important for us to be here and to send our culture and food to a country that has opened its doors,” said the Venezuelan.

“We are a new immigrant community, we are only 5 years old,” he said.

Among the products they offer, he highlighted arepas and empanadas made from corn flour along with tacos. He also said they made a taco they call “bahiens” filled with cantimbalo.

Finally, George For them from Colombia, “This is a special event because it allows Bahians and Argentines to learn a little about Colombian culture through food.”

Among the products offered are Colombian empanadas and arepas made from cornmeal, as well as desserts such as passion fruit mousse, whipped cream meringone and three milk cake, its Argentine version includes dulce de milk. “Here we call four milk cakes.

“Besides being a prosperous part of the economic movement, development and future of Bahía Blanca, the port must have in its sights the community and this festival, which is very special for us because of its characteristics, because it will be built. A special couple related to immigration, our traditions and port life” , he had said. Federico SusbiellesChairman of the Port Management Consortium, a few days ago.