September 29, 2023

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Shock in Italy after endangered brown bear hanged in front of her two cubs

Shock in Italy after endangered brown bear hanged in front of her two cubs
A brown bear walking through town

The Execution of the endangered brown bear Next to a national park in the center Italy Where he lived with him Two cubs A has caused A wave of unrest has swept the country and forced his shooter to be placed under police surveillance for death threatsIt is subject to judicial review.

death Amarena Bear (Black Cherry), after long agony after being shot punctured the lungshas been Especially felt by those who live in houses near the park, especially families with children among whom The bear was very popularAs I did Frequent night outings around the area with their cubs who are now staying Orphans.

Both the government and animal welfare associations have shown theirs stunned A fact they described “very serious”When Plantigrade unleashed a mass shooting A series of threats and insults directed at the shooter And his identity on social networks is forced to protect his home.

The man told police he fired his gun Friday night in the city San Benedetto dei Marsi Because the animal is his property and I felt in dangerAccording to local media.

Sensitive image. A bear named Amarena lies in a street after being shot dead, on August 31, 2023, in San Sebastiano dei Marci, Italy. Carabinieri/Manual via REUTERS

The priority now is to find the two cubs that ran away after the incident Living without their mother is highly unlikelyA mission where park staff, security forces and locals were mobilized through all possible means, including drones, throughout the night.

Considered the “symbol” of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, there are about 60 local brown bear specimens that are in danger of extinction, Amarena is one of his most prolific models and is the mother of another much-loved bear, Juan Carrito. on January 24 and his death caused a stir in the country.

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“The Killing of a Female Martian Bear by A Severe episodeWe should shed light on this as soon as possible,” said the Environment Minister. Gilberto PichettoHe is also “dedicated to the protection of bear cubs, who are doing everything possible to stay free.”

Sensitive image. Amarena’s death, after a long agony after receiving a shot that pierced his lung, was particularly felt by the townspeople of San Benedetto de’ Marci. Carabinieri/Manual via REUTERS

Both the Region of Abruzzo and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) have announced that they are presenting themselves as a civil party in the process against the accused, because “it is time to replace the effectiveness of the permit system and invest in monitoring. According to the ecosystem, based on prevention and repression.

Amarena was there “Absolute Silence” and “was part of the collective imagination And it was proud of a land that had a symbol in the bear,” WWF said.

“There is no reason to justify the incident, because Amarena, despite the damage it causes to agricultural and biotechnological activities, is always compensated by the park outside the boundaries of the contiguous area. Didn’t create any problem in the surrounding area,” the park noted.

Amarena’s death comes months after justice intervened to save the lives of a mountaineer in the Alps and another bear that regional authorities were considering euthanizing. A court hearing is now expected next December.

(with information from EFE)