September 26, 2023

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A judge in Guatemala suspended candidate Bernardo Arevalo’s political party after formally sending it to the polls.

A judge in Guatemala suspended candidate Bernardo Arevalo’s political party after formally sending it to the polls.
A judge in Guatemala has suspended candidate Bernardo Arevalo’s political party after formally sending it to the polls. (Reuters)

A Guatemalan judge suspended the party’s legal personality this Wednesday Candidate’s seed movement Bernardo Arevalo, He finished second in the first round of the presidential election held on June 25.

“Seventh Criminal Court Orders Suspension of Legal Status of Movimiento Semilla Political Party”He said in a video posted on social media Raphael KuruchichHead and Officer of the Office of the Special Prosecutor Against Impunity (FECI). It was admitted by Washington that it had gone after former prosecutors who had fought against corruption

“There are signs of more than that 5,000 citizens That they adhere to the seed movement by putting fake signatures. A person’s signature and fingerprint were affixed to various citizens. There are signatures and altered sheets without names,” Curruchiche reasoned.

Bernardo Arevalo rejected the judicial action and pointed to the government Alejandro Giamatte must intervene at the end of Guatemala.

“This is not for us or Semilla, this is for the whole country. The powerful don’t want people to freely decide their future, but we are going to defeat them. The seed of change and hope will not be trampled”, expressed Arévalo on Twitter.

A statement by Bernardo Arevalo on Twitter.

Resolution of Public Ministry This is unprecedented in Guatemala, as local and international sectors have warned in recent weeks that courts and justice should not interfere in election results.

This judicial decision is issued after submission of legal evidence by the losing party First round of presidential election June 25, which delayed the declaration of the Social Democrats Sandra Torres and Bernardo Arevalo as ballot candidates.

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No official has made it clear that the prosecutor’s office’s complaint and the judicial order to suspend Semila are preventing the motion from going forward. Second roundThe Electoral Law of Guatemala states in its article 91A party should not be suspended until after the election has been declared”.

After last July 1st, the results of the exam were pending without official publication Constitutional CourtThe Supreme Court of the Central American country will issue a new order Scrutiny of election recordsHeld from 4th to 6th July.

The Guatemalan prosecutor’s office suspended the political party Movimiento Semilla after it went to the polls.

Guatemala’s electoral process was widely marked before the election Three nominations suspended There is a possibility of winning the presidential election.

Semila’s suspension was announced Supreme Election Tribunal was getting ready Make the results official on June 25, but the company’s press conference has yet to take place.

Arévalo de León had already warned in recent days “A corrupt deal“Cooperating” with the government, he will try to prevent him from becoming president.

In Guatemala, a group of politicians called the “Corrupt Pact”. Those associated with the military, traffickers and drug trafficking Most of the government agencies have cooperated since the exit was achieved in 2019 International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (Cicig), a UN agency that dismantled more than 200 corrupt structures.

Arevalo de León had already warned in recent days that the “corruption deal” would try to prevent the government from “joining” the presidency. (EFE)

The Left Movement, founded and led by Bernardo ArevaloThe polls surprised the polls with a total of 19 right-wing presidential candidates 22 participants In Election competition A replacement should be chosen for the President Alejandro Giamattei.

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Semilla filed her candidacy on June 25 without being barred from participating in the election within the period established in the Civil Registry.

(With information from EFE, AP, Europa Press and AFP)

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