February 22, 2024

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Alaska Airlines has made no secret of its frustration with Boeing's quality problems

Alaska Airlines has made no secret of its frustration with Boeing's quality problems
The CEO of Alaska Airlines questioned Boeing over the quality problems it found and demanded immediate action. (EFE/EPA/Caroline Brehman)

CEO of Alaska Airlines On Tuesday, January 23, he revealed that he had “very difficult and honest conversations”. BoeingIt is urging the company to improve its internal quality programs and that Alaska inspectors have found loose bolts in “several” reactors. Maximum 9 of the airline.

“I am frustrated and disappointed. I'm angry”CEO said Ben Minicusi, referring to the crash earlier this month when part of a Max 9 aircraft operated by his airline came loose in mid-air. “It happened Alaska Airlines. “It happened to our guests, it happened to our people.” Studies were carried out in United Airlines After the accident they found similar problems.

Statements that Mini stick to do NBC News They happened on the same day as the directors said United They said they expect to post losses in the first quarter as a result of the crash. They also told me to put on weight Alternate flight The reason for the future development is the accident – it led Federal Aviation Administration An indefinite grounding of more than 100 aircraft – further delaying the certification of a new, larger version of the aircraft. Maximum 10.

After part of the plane was disassembled, questions about review protocols and Boeing's quality procedures were invoked. (U.S. National Transportation Safety Board/AP)

The financial and operational impact of immobilization could be even more significant Alaska Airlines, plans to present its results on Thursday. The company owns a limited number of Boeings Maximum 9The 65 aircraft affected are 20% of the total fleet Alaska. “The truth is, Max's immobility was the straw that broke the camel's back of hope. In which the Maximum 10 It will work within the scheduled time,” he declared. Michael LeskinenFinance Director Unitedto analysts during the presentation of the company's financial results.

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United Do not cancel your order Maximum 10But the company no longer expects them to be delivered on time, the CEO said Scott Kirby. The airline has orders for 277 jets Maximum 10, with an option to buy 200 more. In 2017, upon completion of the agreement, United He expected the flights to be delivered in 2020. “Boeing can't meet its contractual deliveries on at least several of those planes, and I'll leave it at that.”said Kirby.

United I hope to join Maximum 10 For its future development plans, but uncertainty about when it will be certified FAA If the flight is ready for passengers then the airline should proceed without that flight delivery. Kirby He said he has faith in the aircraft maker. “They're going through a rough patch, but I think so Boeing “It's a commitment from top to bottom to change and fix the situation,” he said.

United Airlines has expressed significant concern over Boeing's ability to meet delivery deadlines for a new version of the Boeing Max 10. (REUTERS/Jason Redmond/File Photo)

When asked that Boeing There is a serious quality control issue that goes beyond an airplane, Mini stick He said it was worrying. “That's the question at issue here, what are Boeing going to do differently in its quality program to make sure that when we get an airplane, it's at the highest level.”, said. “That's what needs to be different in the future.”

Financial projections United And the executives' comments highlight the consequences of the incident on the January 5, 2024 flight. Alaska, in which a plug containing the optional emergency exit flew over the side of the aircraft, leaving a gap. No one was seriously injured, however FAA The next day he was working on landing the plane Boeing In a project to study others Maximum 9 It is currently in service to guarantee its safety.

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Thousands of flights were canceled in both because of immobility United such as Alaska and eroded trust in Boeing. The disruptions came after a relatively quiet year for the airline industry, with the cancellation rate falling to 1.2%, following a rocky recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, according to federal data. Improving conditions boosted aviation funding United It made a profit of $600 million last quarter.

“Boeing won't comply”: Scott Kirby warns of 737 Max 10 delays (REUTERS/Peter Cziborra)

Stan DealDirector of Aviation Division BoeingIt acknowledged the disruptions on Tuesday and said the company was following the guidelines FAA. “We have let our airline customers down and we deeply regret the significant disruption this has caused to them, their staff and their passengers,” he said. Agreement It is a statement. “We are taking action on a comprehensive plan to safely return these aircraft to service and improve our quality and delivery efficiency.”

Boeing Questions about the future are not answered Maximum 10It is still in pre-release review FAA. However, Boeing Renton announced on Thursday that it will build the first of several “quality stops” at the factory in Washington. 737 max. According to the company note, teams will take a day off to “engage in quality-focused work sessions.” This is one of the measures announced Boeing Trust in the company must be regained.

Kirby said the technical team United 18-hour days over the past few weeks to ensure that Maximum 9 Can safely return to service when disconnected.

The Alaska Airlines incident and additional safety inspections have resulted in mass flight cancellations, affecting confidence in the manufacturing company and its international reputation. (NTSB/Reuters)

Mini stick He said that NBC Preliminary studies have taken about 10 hours per door. Both companies are still awaiting approval FAA To complete proper studies. One time FAA Publish his order, he said Mini stick, it will take several days to complete all the studies. The FAAFor its part, it said there is no timetable for resuming flights Maximum 9.

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United One of the major customers of Boeing. In June 2021, the airline announced the largest aircraft order in its history: 200 Boeing 737 Max and 70 Airbus A321neos. At the time, the order was a big boost 737 max And the largest after American Airlines FAA Certify that they are safe to fly again after the horrific accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

The cause of the incident is still under investigation. Alaska, and officials are trying to determine whether the bolts designed to hold the plug in place were properly installed. This has raised new questions about quality control Boeing. The FAA has initiated a separate review of the company's manufacturing process, and Boeing Appointed new internal counsel to conduct internal review. Mini stick said Alaska Supervision of the production line has also increased Boeing.

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