May 26, 2024

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A Uruguayan judge is looking for accomplices of President Luis Lacal’s defense of Poe, and a police director has already been suspended over the case.

A Uruguayan judge is looking for accomplices of President Luis Lacal’s defense of Poe, and a police director has already been suspended over the case.
Uruguayan President Luis LaCalle Poe with Guard Chief Alejandro Asteciano (AFP)

Uruguay’s Interior Minister Luis Alberto Heber confirmed that an investigation had been launched Fired a police director After learning that Not informed about Criminal record of guardian President Luis Lacalle Pou’sHe was charged this week with offenses including presumption of marital status, criminal association and influence peddling.

A report was then urgently sought Alejandro Astesiano arrested Determined in 2020 Chief Commissioner Gonzalo Vázquez, Director of Criminal Identification, said that “one day later”, after informing the President that the bodyguard had no criminal record, he “connected the information in the file and corrected the situation” and did not inform his superiors. Heber said at a press conference.

The minister noted that Vázquez’s correction was “a routine procedure when files are found to be out of date.” Not telling higher authorities is wrong

“It’s very serious for us,” he assured The president was “misinformed.” Lacalle Pou said at a press conference on Monday that his personal security chief has no criminal record.

Alexander Astesian
Alexander Astesian

This Friday, the president was asked if he believed information was withheld. “If I answered yes, I would be talking about an obvious intention to deceive. What yes, they did not give me the right information,” said Lacalle Pou.

“I may be wrong, but I’m not going to lie to you. When I said there was no record both times that I was given the documents, I was telling the truth,” he added.

For its part, Prosecutor Gabriela Fossati proceeds with the investigation and expertise of phones and 39 external drives. Seized during a raid on gang members. According to the newspaper the observerto monitor Officers who were accomplices of the groupThe Ministry of Education and Culture launched an internal investigation to find that its civil registry staff signed false birth certificates.

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Meanwhile, the Home Ministry is conducting similar investigations at the National Directorate of Identity and the Science Police, where criminal records may have been expunged.

Esteziano is being investigated for his alleged involvement in a scheme to falsify documents to produce passports.

He was arrested at the Presidential Palace on Sunday, September 25, when he returned from a foreign trip with Lakal Po. He was charged Tuesday and remanded in custody for 30 days In the framework of an investigation A network of Uruguayan and Russian citizens dedicated to falsifying documents.

Prosecutor Gabriela Fossati called for its regularization as “the alleged civil status of the alleged co-author (…) to commit and influence crimes”.

The investigation, which began two years ago, drew attention to an unusual number of applications for Uruguayan citizenship by Russian citizens with birth certificates that recognized Uruguayan parents, enabling them to obtain passports from the South American country.

There are three other defendants in the case, one Uruguayan and two Russians.

Asteziano has been accumulating since 2002 Over 25 investigations into theft, fraud, malpractice and damage, all “police notes” where no crime has been proven. But it came to light only after his arrest He spent four months in jail in 2013 for fraud. In 2002, he was prosecuted without prison for the same crime.

The president said he met Astesiano during the 1999 election campaign, and later worked for his father, former president Luis Alberto Luckel, and his own team in the 2004, 2009 and 2014 campaigns. In custody since 2019.

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(With information from EFE and AFP)

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