June 18, 2024

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A taxi driver’s drama goes viral: “I drove a man and his boyfriend to his family’s home”

A taxi driver’s drama goes viral: “I drove a man and his boyfriend to his family’s home”

Beware, infidels”, began a driver Uber America decided Send back a man and his lover A few minutes ago, his wife and children said goodbye to the house.

The video was released on the Internet Tick ​​Tock By Ronnie (@perfectly_unbroken) Crossed 8.7 million views. The case took place in Dallas-Fort Worth County TexasWhen Ronnie accepts a trip.

“If you get in my car, be warned. If they do what this guy did today, the same thing will happen to them.” Raised.

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“Today I went to his house to look for a lesson. His wife and children accompanied him To the car door, they said goodbye ‘I love you dad’ and then he got in,” she said on September 20.

The man told her he had added an earlier stop to the original destination, and she agreed. When he reached the platform, “a woman came out with a suitcase and hand luggage. He stood up and said: ‘I’m glad you finally moved on from your wife.‘. So, he kissed her,” Ronnie continued.

“He said to me: ‘I changed the final destination’ and I said to him, ‘I saw'”. The driver didn’t see the place properly, only the notice of the change and continued to focus on the couple. “They kept talking and she said to him: ‘I’m tired of you putting me away, When are you leaving your wife?He said, ‘I need to find out some things. We can talk about that later,” he recalled.

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He took his passenger back to his house and got him and his boyfriend out of his car. (Photo: TikTok @perfectly_unbroken)

The angry American made a decision. It is minutes from the family home. “I understand one thing. This is my car – said Ronnie – I am a freelancer. If I end your journey it is my decision. Uber won’t fire me or ban me. If you do something wrong with my car, I have the right to drive it however I see fit.”.

The couple were talking and she took the opportunity to return to the man’s house. “Things did not end well for him. I took them back to their house and forced them to get out of my car, where his wife and children are,” the driver said, giving the same treatment to any passenger who dared to do the same.

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Ronnie updated the story in a second video in which he added details to the scene. “I had already decided that the best thing to do was to end the trip. According to (Uber’s) policies, I could drop them off in the middle of the highway if I wanted to, but I wanted to take them to where I was going to pick them up,” he explained. “I stopped, got out, opened the door for the girl and said, ‘Get out,'” he continued. When the couple knew the place, The traveler started begging them not to leave them thereBut Ronnie raised his voice and ordered them to leave.

hearing the noise, The man’s wife went out He asked the driver what was going on. “I don’t know, ask your husband and his lover,” Ronnie replied. The wife assured him that she suspected him of cheating, but there was no proof, and this was not the first time he had done so.

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“I don’t care if you are male or female. If something like that happens to use my car, the same fate will happen to you. Karma is like that. Be better people, improve your life,” advised the driver.

Ronnie got a call after a while. His passenger’s wife wanted to thank him for what he did He had already filed for divorce.

Ronnie said his actions were correct and that he has the right to make decisions about what happens to his car. (Video: TikTok @perfectly_unbroken)

The videos were flooded with comments from users affected by the betrayal, with many congratulating him on what he did. There were also comments that doubted the veracity of his story.

Ronnie wanted to make it clear that there were no children at home when he left the passenger and lover, and insisted that his action was morally correct.